Jan 19, 2013

silver lake is in the hoooouuuuse!

we've come a long way in a short time since buying our new sectional. in real time, about two days passed between deciding to repaint the sunroom and THIS:
in blog-time, it spanned a week or two...writing posts is a lot of work!

remember the previous linen curtain i hung in here? sigh, it went with the pinky-peach walls so nicely...

WELL, i had a gray version too - hanging upstairs in our master bedroom. so i switched them around...and it turns out the gray curtain coordinates with the newly painted walls just as nicely!

closer view of objets d'art on our ((discontinued)) side table:

when i painted the walls, i went ahead and painted the dark brown (i.e. ugly) pegboard inside the closet as well a la martha stewart. if you squint your eyes reeeeeeeally hard...it could pass for 'pretty' now!
the iron is stored in the sunroom because i procrastinate until i have a Mount Rushmore of fish's wrinkly work clothes, then sit in front of the tv to help make ironing slightly more bearable.

as for the rest of the room: if you were standing in the doorway to our sunroom...and wearing funhouse glasses...this is what you'd see:
p.s. i did not arrange that throw...K was using it to "be a tiger." he climbed up on the couch then shed his tiger-ness in a perfectly positioned heap...future home stager???

the print hanging on the wall back there is a map of chicago, c.1857...that desperately needs a grown-up frame:

even after bringing that monstrous sectional into the room, K still has a nice little area in the middle to play. 
i eventually want to add a rustic wood coffee table...or maybe some kind of large storage ottoman...but for now, we'll leave it open so K can play with his cars in the "snow."
   the imagination on him, i tell ya...

i didn't realize until looking at these pictures...it appears very cold in here so far, though the red-toned flooring does help warm things up a bit. so my goal is to add more warmth with accessories and plants...

...and art!

this corner of the room is troubling to me in that respect:

while i don't know exactly what's going to happen art-wise, these two pieces i know FOR SURE are going on the gray wall:
two completely unrelated pieces...they look beautiful together.
and i love them.

besides art, the other problem areas in this room are...

don't worry: the wheelbarrow is going -- and staying -- outside once warmer weather hits.

once we find a new media console ((with plentiful drawers!!)), the cord and dvd situations will hopefully solve themselves.

despite these few eyesores, i love love love this room after painting the new wall color! it's inspiring me to get the whole sunroom pulled together once and for all.

and look! 
ben moore HIMSELF thinks it's gorgeous.
(...pic from instagram)

p.s....now this pic, i totally did stage the throw. heh.

p.p.s. i post tons of pics to instagram --
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* mari


  1. Aaaaammmmaaazzziingg!!!! The grey is so serene and fresh!! Love it!! Your art is fantastic, too. I'm a big fan of ecclectic, what-you-love art on the walls! And, there's some pink so you still get a little!! :)

    1. thank you laura! yes, i'm totally bringing in the pinky-peach through the art, ha! i'm a little art-crazy so i've got a bunch of options.

  2. Yay!! I had recently pinned a room bc Silver Lake was the color in it and I love how it looks in your sunroom!So cool that Mr Ben Moore was impressed too:) Very pretty & soothing. Your kleenex box made me smile. How cute is that??!!

    1. no way! i didn't think silver lake was a common benjamin moore color, but it should be -- i love it!

  3. Can you please tell me where you purchased this beautiful sectional? I need it!

    1. of course -- it's the metro sectional by room&board. :) :)

  4. I love how the walls and couches have a neutral feel to it. It really gives off a relaxing vibe. The hardwood and darker furniture does help with adding color into the room, so you might want to add a bit of that. Maybe a lamp or so in the corner or such. As for the large toys, there really isn’t anything to do except to either provide a closet space for it or store it outside the room. Hopefully you’ve found a much easier solution for it now. Cheers!

    Steven | Valley Home Improvement

    1. thanks steven! i managed to corral them right out the door and into the shed - victory! :D

  5. Lovely! can you please tell me what color your trim paint is?

    1. Hi Laura, it's Behr Bright Ultra White (untinted). :) -mari


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