Jan 4, 2013

organizing K's toys...
and the january cure

i'm on an organization MISSON...in january...along with the rest of the world.
i feel like the most predictable person on the planet.

can i help it? every ad i see or hear is shoving fifty-gallon totes down my throat. and i am WAY susceptible to advertising. of course i want to organize.

so i broke out the label-maker and ((more)) shoebox bins...
and started with K's toys.


i think i have about fifty shoebox bins now...none of them storing shoes. you don't realize how useful the six-quart size is until you have it. then you suddenly see it's the perfect size for everything.

remember my crafty closet? now there's a matching one in the sunroom! but instead of acrylic paint, embroidery floss, and hole punchers, it's storing pipe cleaners, balloons, and foam stickers:

the rest of the closet...
it's not martha stewart *pretty*, but it's organized.

notice K's seventy million matchbox cars are not stored in the closet. i keep them in open bins for easy access. we have a couple of those car-carrying suitcases, but K is much-much-MUCH more likely to clean his cars up when he just has to toss them in a bin.

now...help me! does anyone have any suggestions on how to store these giant trucks?  K LOVES them, but they take up soooo much space.

after getting most of the toys in order, i feel like i'm in the organization swing of things...and i decided to take the plunge and join apartment therapy's january cure in an effort to further clean, declutter, and organize our home.
...and i'm telling you so you'll hold me accountable!

as instructed, i made my list of cleaning projects:

i had to write at the top "clean, declutter, organize" to remind myself not to write all the bigger projects i want to do!

...but while i was at it, i also wrote out a list of non-cleaning projects i'd like to accomplish this year:

this will be fun to go through in january 2014, won't it? haha!
...but i digress...

next for the {january cure}, i set up an Outbox in our basement.
we had an actual giant box that i knew i'd find a use for!

...and i typed out the rules to hang by the box.

...mostly so i would have to force myself to let it go if it becomes messy.
which it will.

i'll keep you posted on my organizational progress!
so far, i'm feeling like a CHAMP.

* mari

The Container Store


  1. You will be proud to know, last Saturday (before the new year!) I donated used clothes to Thrifty Threads (a donation center benefiting abused women), old towels & new treats to the humane society, AND on NY day, I bought an over the door shoe holder and got rid of 5 or 6 shoe boxes that I just did not have room for in my closet. So, feeling like I'm off to a good start. I'll continue with the decluttering of my room/closet this weekend. Happy organizing!


    1. wow, you're off to an amazing start!! i'm slowly...sloooooowwwwlllly...weeding unworn clothes out of our closets. great idea to donate them to a women's shelter -- i think i may do that too!


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