Jan 24, 2013

new kitchen light

 remember the not-at-all-our-style light hanging over our kitchen sink?

there's nothing wrong with it...but it's not us at all.
and the mess of wires at the top bothers me.
and it's a bugcatcher. BLECH.

i've been sporadically searching for a new fixture to replace it with, but nothing ever jumped out at me. i was nearly at a state of complete apathy about the whole kitchen lighting situation when...

i was browsing land of nod for a bedside lamp and this beauty jumped out at me:

i. mean. isn't she GORGEOUS??

i knew instantly she would be perfect over our kitchen sink. i was so sure that i didn't even consult fish before buying it. i knew he'd love it.

in hindsight, love is kind of a strong word for him. when fish first saw the light sitting on our counter, i believe he said, "what is that??"

BUT. after he hung the light up
(thankyou-thankyou-thankyou fish!!),
even he couldn't deny its beauty!

...and look at the amazing radial shadow pattern it casts on the ceiling at night!


the only downside is that we went from a three-bulb fixture to a one-bulb light.
eh...mood lighting!

but wait, you say.
what about the other light in the kitchen?
i can't get anything past you...

yep. there's another not-at-all-our-style fixture...

when my head-over-heels in-love-ness settled after the land of nod pendant arrived, i soon realized i might have kind of hard time finding a coordinating flush-mount fixture. i wasn't going for an exact match...but i wanted something that would complement it for sure.

enter : ikea.

we were there getting some ribba frames for the sunroom and i suggested we browse the light section quickly...just to see...

we ended up buying this guy:

not the most exciting fixture in the world.
not something i'd ordinarily choose.

BUT i thought its simplicity would allow the land of nod pendant light to shine.
get it?? haha...

fish hasn't hung that one up yet.
we're hoping there will still be enough light in the kitchen. 

stay tuned...

* mari
Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids


  1. I'm interested to see how they look together!


    1. thanks for your excitement, katie! they look pretty good together :)

  2. I adore it! So unique, yet it looks so at home right there above your sink. Like it was meant to be:) Good choice on the Ikea light, you don't want the two to compete. I pretty much want to replace every fixture in our house. There's lots of boob lights going on over here.

    1. thank you, jennifer! YES, they are just not my style at all, but some people must like them somewhere because i think they're really popular? is it just contractors that like them and install them in all these houses?? haha...

  3. Love the light fixture!!! It's a great size, too!! The pattern with the light on is dramatic!! I totally think the second light is the perfect choice. It's so humble it will really allow the other to be the focal point!!


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