Jan 6, 2013

my inspiration
...and a free printable for you!

i love making art for our home...and that includes typographic designs like this PARFAIT print i made:

i say it often enough that i wanted some kind of print incorporating the word. and since i wanted to be cheap about it, i made it myself then printed it poster-sized to my local walgreens for around ten dollars. it would have been a completely free project had i printed it at home on a smaller piece of paper -- but i wanted it to be bigger than 8x10". i don't obnoxiously exclaim "parfait!" all day long...but if i were ever to be on a reality show, it would probably be my catchphrase. 

i figured someone else in the world might like it too so read on for a link to download and print it yourself!
click here to download the parfait, parfait print absolutely free!

by the way, that white dresser in the first picture was a free hand-me-down that i rehabbed with a little paint. here's what it looked like in its previous life:

pretty decent makeover for the cost of a can of white spraypaint, right?
i already had yellow spraypaint for the handles.

on the wall opposite of the PARFAIT print is my desk and some random images / ads / notes / art i love...

it's definitely a work-in-progress, but i kind of feel like creative spaces always are.

what does your creative space look like?
where do you get your inspiration from?

* mari

guess what?
my free parfait printable was featured on {danielle oakey interiors}!

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