Jan 10, 2013

january cure update

sure, it's still early yet, but i'm giving myself a pat on the back for sticking to apartment therapy's january cure program so far. warning: i could fall off the wagon at any time and without advanced notice!

in addition to completing daily assignments like buying fresh flowers and visualizing room plans, i'm slowly getting through the january cure goals i set for myself! ...and fish has been helping too!

it feels great to cross things off the list!

i hid the cords under our entry table by snaking them down one of the legs -- this took a whopping five minutes...WHY did i not do it sooner??

the remaining cord is a weird permanent extension cord that links to two more outlets along the wall -- and so, unfortunately, can't be unplugged or hidden. boo. i tried moving the crate over to hide the outlet, but then the visual balance was all thrown off. i don't know, i've got to play with it some more -- move the lamp and the crate around...

i went through our entry closet (again!) and weeded out extraneous coats, hats, and mittens to donate. but, i forgot the bag at home when i went browsing at goodwill, so i still have yet to actually donate them.

i found that adorable gold footed container at goodwill for $2! i'm not sure what it's original purpose was, but it fits in the tiny space next to our front door like it was made to live there...and holds our umbrellas perfectly!

fish MEGA-cleaned up the basement, then lugged the jogging stroller and my old office chair down there. sure, it will be a workout to get the gigantic stroller back upstairs when i'm ready to run, but i'll just look at it like a warm-up exercise...! there's really nowhere better to store it.

meanwhile, i bought a nice new tabletop ironing board, pot lid organizer, and shower curtain liner:

we're crossing items off of the "to do in 2013" list too:

the aforementioned trip to goodwill was spent amassing small bottles (to display on open shelves in the powder room) and vases (for my weekly? every-other-weekly? fresh flowers):

just out of their vinegar bath -- sparkling!

speaking of my flowers, i changed out all the water in my fresh flower vases -- i'm doing my verrrry best to keep them alive as long as mari-ly possible.

also on my list was getting these feathers in our front room properly displayed...i might frame a few, but i found a super-cool vintage test-tube rack on etsy to display some as well!


continuing down the to-do list...as i mentioned here, we got the ivory shag rug for the sunroom back from the carpet store -- we had it trimmed and rebound. fish and i unrolled it into place last weekend -- it looks good!

i also ordered this adorbs rabbit portrait pillow from the french gallery on etsy. he's going on the sunroom sectional:


while i was perusing pillows...
fish was buying a new tv!

i'm still trying to get used to liz lemon looking like she's right there in our sunroom.

so now, we definitely need a new, wider tv stand and i'm thinking of pulling one of the old dressers from our bedroom. or possibly bringing our old ikea besta bench up from the basement. but, painting it white first and getting new legs.

onto the kitchen...
i ordered a new ceiling fixture to hang over the sink area! 

it's atypical and not a bug-catcher. the two very qualities i was looking for!

while i was looking at lights...
i also ordered a bee-yoo-ti-ful new bedside lamp for my side of the bed:

eeps, gorgeous!
on my gilded nightstand -- can you see it??

and...this is not on my lists, but still felt satisfying because it filled a household need: i bought a small plastic orange watering can from goodwill for 35¢.
   ...then i spraypainted it metallic copper.
         why?...why not?

yesterday's january cure assignment was to hang some art up! yesss! i put up some butterflies in our bathroom that i've been meaning to hang for a long time.
   more on that in a couple of days!!

* mari


  1. Ooohhh, your list is so inspiring!! I've never thought of making a year list like that and I like it!! Thinking long term is not one of my strengths so a list like this would be exercise that part of my brain! :)

    And, I LOVE the light fixture for your kitchen! I love that type of industrial, unfussy look in a kitchen!!

    It's a lot of fun being included in your decorating plans! We rent and there are only so many things I can do, so living vicariously through your adventures is very fun! :)

    1. thanks so much laura!! i'm just waiting for fish to hang the light up in the kitchen, i can't wait to see how it looks.

      i hear ya about renting -- we rented for sooo long and i had to stifle my creativity because i couldn't change things i really wanted to change. or it wasn't worth the effort or money to change it since it wasn't really OURS. as a result, i think i go a little buckwild with home decorating sometimes. haha...

  2. Love the unmbrella holder (I'm pretty sure that's what it's life was destined to be), love how you displayed those feathers, love the light fixture, and love the new lamp....yep, pretty much love everything you've been up to lately! I am also thinking I need to make one of these january cure lists.

    1. yay, thank you!! i am so excited about how i'm starting off this new year. ((...but we'll see how i feel when the credit card statement comes!)) you should definitely join in on the january cure. only one or two measly assignments per day but, for me at least, gets me in the "getting things done" mode...and i end up doing a whole lot more.


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