Jan 20, 2013

january cure update II

i have to admit this was a semi-easy week for me with regards to january cure.
   mostly because i skipped a bunch of stuff.

but, don't worry -- i still got a lot done.
so i don't consider myself fallen off the wagon just yet...

day 7's instructions were to start planning the get-together i'm going to throw at the end of the month to show off our newly organized home. 


i'm not having a get together because...i'm just not the kind of person that throws them i guess. maybe some day...when we're more grown up. and we have a dining table. and grown up dishes. tangent: is it weird we have THREE sets of nice silverware ((actually, one set is gold-ware!))...yet we eat off corelle dishes?
   so...day 7 was a free day for me. yay!

day 8 told me to buy fresh flowers, clean the kitchen, and cook a meal. 


my flowers from the week before were still looking pretty darn good...so i nixed buying more. i was still enjoying what i already had. 
the dianthus made it about a week and a half before wilting.

cleaning and organizing the kitchen? i did clean, but i do that all the time anyway so that wasn't anything new. i started to toss old tupperware in our donate pile. i threw out a few containers of old food in our fridge. however, i hesitated to really weed out much in terms of dishes or cookware.
   the less we have, the more often i have to wash dishes.

as for cooking a meal, that was almost as banal for me as cleaning the kitchen. i just don't enjoy cooking. no matter how hard i try, my meals come out at best mediocre. there's no joy in putting effort into something only for it to be ho-hum. cooking is something i've tried to be better at, but i really think i'm the best i'm ever going to be. and it's not much to speak of.
   so day 8 was kind of a bust.

day 9: create a landing strip.

jeez louise, am i going to do ANY work this week???

we already have a landing strip...which is horrendously styled right now. if you remember, planning and executing a gallery wall over this table is on the list of things i want to accomplish this year. so i just kind of randomly place items on the table...er, excuse me -- landing strip -- that i might want to incorporate into the styling.
   and yes, i'm giving myself a whole year to execute the gallery wall.

day 10 told me to work on my "goal project."

...what IS my goal project??

i'm going to say it's..."paint the sunroom."
goal project: COMPLETE.

day 11 was a media fast.
on the day we had cable installed.

i could finally...FINALLY...watch HGTV to my heart's content for the first time in over nine months.
   ...yah, a media fast wasn't happening.
         sorry AT.

day 12: declutter books and media.


fish never had books -- he's not a big reader. except for medical texts and journals. can't throw any of those out...
   meanwhile, i didn't keep many books since getting a kindle a few years ago.

so...there aren't really any books to declutter.

i guess i could go through K's stash -- he's grown out of board books.

okay, still on day 12. as for decluttering media...we're not big movie-watchers so we don't have many DVDs to sift through. most of the ones we do have are for K.
okay, "ratatouille" is for fish. hee.

day 13: buy fresh flowers and clean the bedroom.

finally! they're making me work!
here's a little sneak peek of what i was up to yesterday:
OOOOH, exciting!!

* mari


  1. You are tearing apart that to-do list of yours!! I saw that pic of the blue paint on FB and I am like insanely in love with those colors. Can't wait to see what you did with it!

    1. thank you jennifer! i am feeling very accomplished for sure...think i'll be planning a very laaaazzzy february, haha...


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