Jan 8, 2013

i'm crazy and i know it.
(( RE-painting the sunroom ))

so...you know how i love pinky-peach? i love it so much, i colored my blog with it. i buy pinky-peach art, clothes, jewelry, makeup. i even decided the sunroom should be pinky-peach.


i still love pinky-peach.
but it turns out pinky-peach does not mesh so well with our new sectional.

they bring out the worst in each other.
the walls seem saccharine sweet.
the sofa becomes blah-blue.

one of them has got to go. in a battle between the pinky-peach walls and the blue-gray sofa...the sofa wins. the super-expensive sofa pummels the $30-a-gallon-paint job.
   maybe this will finally teach me never ever ever to pick my paint first?

fish was not happy to hear i wanted to repaint the sunroom because HE was the one who actually painted it pinky-peach the day after we closed on our house.

and he HATES painting.
this fact was discovered while he was painting the sunroom.
...and that's why it's the ONLY room he's painted.

just imagine...the sunroom WHITE...
i love it at first glance, but maybe it's too white?

keep in mind, we eventually want to remove those shelves going around the top of the room and panel the ceiling in rough, unfinished wood...similar to this one from {burlap and denim}:

other options i'm tossing around besides white: light blue (a la our stairway up and upstairs hallway, both of which are painted with behr cumulus)...or light gray.

i really like the gray...

here's what the finished room would look like:
i don't think there's any way i could possibly tire of this setup. i love it.

if you remember, we had an ivory shag rug hand-me-down that was a couple of feet too big in both directions. we had it trimmed to a suitable size and rebound at a local carpet store. it's already in place in the room.
   ...but i have no pictures of it, hence the photoshopped-in area rug.

i already bought the faux fur lynx throw -- adore! i draped it oh-so-artfully over the sofa when it first arrived...but K ALSO loved it at first sight and took immediate ownership. he's taken to calling it his "tiger blanket."

i'm OB.SESSED. with buying a rabbit pillow...but am undecided between the two i found on etsy. i love both of them. would two rabbit pillows be overkill? 
   ...maybe i could keep one in the sunroom and put the other in the front room!

...and it turns out the birthday fairy came early for fish -- we ordered the new, larger tv that he's been pining for. which means i get to buy a larger tv stand, yay! i want to find an old dresser...
   ...or maybe use one we already have!
         double ooh!!

so. have i made my case? 

i NEED to repaint the sunroom, right?

* mari


  1. Love the light grey. Do it!


    1. thank you, katie!! i picked up some gray paint swatches today...so excited!

  2. Yes, the light grey!! I also think two rabbit pillows is _not_ overkill! :) I love rabbit images, especially old, vintage-y ones, but I have to say the dapper one on your pillow makes me smile!! :) I really like your room concept!! It has a serene, fresh feel to it!!

    1. thank you, laura! i've already ordered the dapper rabbit pillow (haha!) and am waiting to hear if i can get the fabric i want on the back of the rabbit form pillow. if so, then two rabbit pillows it is!

  3. Yep, yep the light grey gets my vote too and can I just say I am in LOVE with the idea of the wood paneled ceilings!!!! It is going to look gorgeous. I am sad though you have to say bye bye to the peachy pink bc it is a beautiful color. Do you have a powder room you could use it in? Would look gorgeous with a white vanity/sink.

    1. agh, it pains me, but i don't think there's another room we could use the pinky-peach in..........i'm keeping it in my stash in the basement (harhar) though so if inspiration strikes for another room, i'll still have it!

  4. I love the whole plan! Thanks for the shout out to my ceiling, I think it would look amazing in there!


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