Jan 22, 2013

fresh flowers

it's flower time again!
a trip to my local florist this past weekend resulted in these cheerful bunches:

the green trick dianthus caught my eye immediately. i loved their wispy texture and bright, cheery color! i wish i would have bought more than one stem, but they were more expensive than i thought they'd be so i only came home with one. nothing crazy...but they look like dollar-a-stems to me and were actually $3 or something like that.

i also bought salal again:

...but what i'm really excited about is this grevillea!

how exotically beautiful!!

really, with their salmony-pink color, they resemble worms a bit. and they have those crazy antennae shooting out all over the place. grevillea are a bit like orchids in that they both remind me of insects. 

not the phalaenopsis orchid, but the more exotic species like these:

i'm definitely NOT a fan of bugs...but i loooove buggy-looking blooms!

the grevillea buds are interesting-looking as well:

a few more pics:

some bedside cheer in the morning:

have you bought any fresh flowers lately??

any you think i should check out next time?
let me know in the comments!

* mari

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