Jan 16, 2013

fifty shades of gray

after deciding i needed to paint the sunroom gray, i stopped by benjamin moore and picked up just about every gray swatch they had.

it's very easy to get overwhelmed by all the paint options, but i tried to go about it very methodically.

first, i laid each strip down on the sofa since ultimately i wanted the sectional and the wall color to coordinate. note, i didn't want them to exactly match...just have the same tones.

i was so close to getting "bunny gray" just for the name...

i was looking for a light-to-medium shade that leaned ever-so-slightly blue.

i inspected every swatch against the sofa...which is not as terrible as it sounds. i went with my gut feeling on each, so it only took ten minutes or so to go through the whole pile.

these were the contenders:

next, i taped them up on the white paneling. i didn't tape them on the wall i was going to paint because i didn't want the existing pinky-peach color to influence how the swatch appeared.
   also, i wanted to see how each gray "popped" (i really don't like that word, but can't think of a better one to use) against the white.

now, technically, i should have painted large squares on the wall, observed the color at all times of day, yadda-yadda-yadda...but, when i get an idea in my head (i need to paint the sunroom gray!), i pretty much have to execute it asap.
   or risk going bonkers. 

i wouldn't be able to concentrate on anything else until it was done.

the bottom row of paint chips are benjamin moore's aura swatches, which i believe is their top-of-the-line formula. the man helping me at the store said any color could be mixed in the aura formula so for simplicity's sake, i eliminated the bottom row and just dealt with the classic paint swatches.

i also eliminated the leftmost paint chip in the top row because it was a bit darker and/or muddier than what i was looking for. 

that left me with these three:

silver lake, pebble beach, and winter solstice.

i took the three chips into benjamin moore and gave it the good ol' college try at doing this whole process the "right" way: i requested sample jars of each of my three contenders. 

did you know benjamin moore doesn't offer paint samples anymore???

so the salesman offered to sell me three pints, but for some reason, he could only do them in eggshell. i really should have challenged him on this. i don't understand that at all. don't pints come in ALL finishes, just like quarts and gallons??

rather than pay $25 and end up with three pints of very similar grays in a finish that was not my preferred matte...i stared at the three swatches and made a decision on the spot. 
   it was bold of me, i know.

the winner was...

...silver lake!

stay tuned for after pictures...

* mari


  1. Haha!! I'm so like you!! While I may know the "right" way to do something, once I get a project in my head, it has got to be done now!! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I figure the odds would be about the same if I planned, so why bother?! :)

    I sure wish that the paint people wouldn't name their colors. I'm so drawn by the names, and I get that 456H isn't nearly as loveable as Soft Dove, but I have to Sharpie them out to make any real decicions!! lol!!!

    I love gray walls and can't wait to see your room!! No pressure, though, k?? :)

    1. thank you laura!! that's such a good idea to sharpie out the names! bunny gray made it far further in the elimination process than it should have, lol...room pics coming tomorrow! :)


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