Jan 2, 2013

how to: google search by image

let's start the year off with a simple how-to.

google search by image is something i use quite often -- usually when i want to find an original source...but also if i like the vibe of a picture and want to see if it came from a blog that i can follow. or an etsy shop i can favorite.

it's sadly common ((and frustrating!)) to be inspired by a picture on pinterest and follow a trail of links, but not be able to find where it originally came from.
   maybe you want to diy the project and are looking for instructions...
   or purchase the item and you're looking for pricing info...
   or travel to the destination and you want to know where in the world it is!

time to learn:

sooo, let's take a picture with no information attached to it
and do a google image search based solely on the photo!

step one: open google.

click on "images" along the top of the page.

that brings you to this screen:

click on the camera icon in the search box:

a closer look at the search box:
you can enter the image url in the search box or upload an image. i prefer to upload the image. i feel like that way i'm not tainting google with any information about where i got the picture. that could all be in my head.

if you want to enter the url, right-click on your picture and select "copy image address" ((or windows equivalent)). then paste that into the google search box.

if you'd prefer to upload an image, you can either take a screenshot ((as i usually do)) or right-click on the picture and choose "save image as..."

...then upload to google.

like magic...
isn't it crazy that the little google elves searched the ENTIRE internet and found
my image tucked away in a little-read blogpost in only 0.27 seconds??

i clicked on the link and...
((click here if you're interested in reading more about my gold frame makeover!))

any questions??

please be sure to let me know if you found this helpful!

* mari


  1. Genius! I had no idea you could search an image that way. I always just used Tin Eye but I like your way more:) Pinning!

    1. i have no idea what Tin Eye is, lol...i thought a lot of people knew about Search by Image, but i mentioned it in passing once on a messageboard and no one knew what i was talking about. it felt weird to do a non-home-related post because i'm not AT ALL a techy person, but i really do find it useful so i figured others would too. i'm glad it helps you!

  2. Very useful! I also did not know you could search USING an image, I just always typed in a random word and then looked at the image results lol :)



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