Jan 12, 2013

butterflies in the bathroom!

i ordered these adhesive-backed butterflies from {heidi's hubbub} on etsy a few weeks ago and when i bought them, i could not wait to put some flutteries on the wall!

K got sick.
then it was christmas.
then i got sick.

...and the butterflies somehow fell to the backburner.

but, it's finally time to get these butterflies up!

i decided to put them in the upstairs bathroom.
wow, i haven't taken you there since last summer when i stained the doors darker!

they. look. fabulous!

i'm great at overdoing things -- it was very very hard for me to restrain myself to just these butterflies. i received FIFTY of them...and i only used EIGHT. go me!

i think it's the perfect amount for the space.
but who can predict the future?
i might add another row of frames above if the mood strikes...

i initially planned to put them in three square white shadowboxes -- but wow, shadowboxes are a lot more expensive than frames.

so i formulated a plan b: three white frames, glass and backing removed -- because i wanted the butterfly wings to be 3d and come up off the wall. i hung the bare frames on the wall with 3m command strips (natch) and aligned the butterflies within them.

i didn't want to use any with too much color since the bathroom is currently a very serene place...and i wanted it to stay that way. i'll have to find another use for the shockingly blue and green and purple butterflies...

what do you think?
if you love it too, you can replicate it...for 10% off!

yep, heidi of {heidi's hubbub} is graciously offering
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until the end of january with code crabandfish!

go get some butterflies!

* mari

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  1. Nicely done!! The way you framed them is brilliant and the less-is-more amount is very elegant!!

    Now, it will be fun to see where you go crazy with the rest!! The Spring seems like a fun time to let them go!! :)

    1. thanks laura! i'm so in love with how this small project turned out - it makes a big impact in the room and finally...FINALLY...fills the void on that wall that i've been staring at for nine months!

  2. I love, love, love it! Well done! Even though I've put my decorating-bug on the back burner, I might just have to check out her site :)


    1. thank you katie!! just make sure you go before the end of the month so you can use the discount... :)

  3. This is adorable! I'm not big into butterflies, but I might have to give this a try..

    1. thank you liza! i agree butterflies can get a little cutesy too quickly, that's why i tried so hard to restrain myself, haha...


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