Jan 13, 2013


i snagged these adorable vintage ceramic letter tacks on etsy:

they're only a couple of inches high!

usually when i purchase decor items, i don't have a specific place in mind for them. i tend to try them out in a few different places, see what i like best, and leave it there for a few weeks...until i get bored and switch up all the accessories all over again. move a pot here, relocate a statue there, switch out this frame, replace that stack of books, etc, etc.

but, with these little letters, i knew immediately where i'd be putting them:

i hung them over the doorframe between the front room and the kitchen, which is in line with the front door...so as you enter our house, this "be nice" message is directly in your line of sight.

since we have hard-as-heck old plaster walls, i wasn't too hopeful that i'd be able to get these hung by myself. i didn't think there was any way those little tacks could penetrate our rock-hard walls.

but...i was a wee bit excited and didn't want to wait for fish to get home...so i went ahead and attempted to hang them myself. i used a rubber mallet to gently tap, tap, tap them in. yes, i was totally channelling happy gilmore.

i wasn't able to get the tacks all the way into the wall, but they're in far enough...and the letters are resting on the doorframe anyway so i'm not too worried about them falling out. 

this is definitely one of my favorite decorative additions to our house thus far...the kind of thing that makes me smile every time i glance at it. this year, i'm going to try to have this level of love for everything we bring into our home. 

maybe this way, i won't stand dumbfounded in our basement wondering where in the heck we got all this STUFF.

* mari


  1. You are so dang cool! Seriously, if I had seen those letters I would have never thought of placing them above the door frame but yet that is the most awesome space for them!

    1. haha, thanks! i feel more quirky-weird than cool, but I do love them up there. fish thinks they look weird off center, but i liked them better that way soooo...you can see who won that disagreement, lol...

  2. What shop on Etsy did you find the letters? I absolutely love them!

    1. hi anonymous, i found them at simplychi's shop on etsy...she has a few other valentine-related sets right now, but i don't think you can custom order them since they're labelled vintage.

      here's a link to her shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/simplychi?ref=ss_profile

      and here's a link to a few other listings on etsy for ceramic letter tacks: http://www.etsy.com/search?q=ceramic%20letter%20tacks&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US

      hope that helps! :)

  3. I just happened to come across your blog today and love it! I'm scrolling back through posts and I love this idea, such a great concept!

  4. thank you, steph -- welcome to crab+fish! :)


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