Dec 8, 2012

touches of christmas

i've already posted about a festive nightlight, my glittery patchwork tree, our christmas-sy car in a jar, some glistening HOs, and an in-progress pom-pom garland...but there are a few small holiday decorations around our house that don't warrant a full writeup by themselves -- hey, i set some little men in our window! -- so i decided to throw them all together in one blogpost.

...starting with these adorable nutcrackers!

they are only about fives inches tall. i bought the set of six for around $15 at a consignment shop a few months ago. i've been so anxious to display them! i love their feathery-fluffy powder-white hair.

see more touches of christmas around our house after the jump!

a christmas tree fish's mom made years and years ago found a home on our entry table -- it's just beads and safety pins! isn't it every crafty gal's dream to have a crafty mother-in-law??
the tree is sitting next to our jar o' sticks -- K and i collected these throughout the fall on our neighborhood walks. i love all the angles!

i already shared how to make this glittery patchwork tree:

... but i didn't show you where it ended up in our house:
on top of one of the built-ins with the perfect pot fish made in high school!

this one is the same principle as the glittery patchwork tree -- but, i first rolled each piece of paper around a pencil to make it flap out.

this fancy lady is by the kitchen sink...it looks very involved, but actually took only an hour to make two aprons! wouldn't this be a darling addition to a housewarming gift basket? obviously, it doesn't have to be christmas-sy. the other dish soap apron i made is all white.
instructions at {hwtm}

on the other side of the sink are these glass vessels i made years ago:
you can tell i made them years ago because i used silver instead of gold.

they were easy-peasy to make -- i just threw ornaments, pinecones, tree branch clippings, small disco balls, and peppermint candies in glass vases. i added some pretty ribbon as a finishing touch.

moving on to the sunroom...i got this pretty partridge at michael's a couple of months ago with a 50% off coupon. he came with a silver clip on his belly...i guess to be able to fasten him to a christmas tree branch? but i couldn't get him to sit right with it on, so i performed a little clip-excision surgery and he now perches perfectly on my little pile of books. 
   i think i'll probably leave him there year-round.

this yarn-wrapped tree is the same concept as my glistening HOs -- just some yarn i found on sale wrapped around a foam cone. i didn't need to use any glue. the end is secured with a knot, then tucked under strings to hide. it took me less than five minutes to do!

next on my project list: making some tiny santa hats for these guys!

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  1. What a super good deal on those nutcrackers & those glass vessels are gorgeous. I love all the elements you added to them. Your Christmas decorating is coming along lovely!

  2. thank you jennifer! ...are you laughing at the number of tree decorations i have?? :)


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