Dec 26, 2012

the sunroom just got a lot comfier

i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! 

we had a cozy christmas eve in our first house -- just me, fish, and K exchanging our small gifts for each other. it was perfect...i will have warm, fuzzy memories of it for many, many years.

K received another large influx of toys, yet...

i had a verrry similar expression on my face upon opening a gift from fish:

a closer look:
i'm just a bit of a chocoholic...good thing i started running again.

fish's other gift to me was...a big honkin' sectional for our sunroom!
...that was actually delivered a couple of weeks ago. hee.

i shouldn't say it's his gift to me. it's for ALL of us -- 
you can see K has already claimed the chaise portion!

needless to say...i LOVE it.
seriously...K is NOT moving from his spot.

i know it looks a bit sparse in there now. i moved everything out of the sunroom in order to bring things back in with intention. we have a large hand-me-down area rug for the space, but it was a bit too large at 11 x 14' so we took it to a carpet store in town to be trimmed to about 9 x 12' and bound.
   if you have a rug that's too large, this is a cheap fix vs buying a new rug. there was a $25 cutting fee, then it cost $2.50 a linear foot to rebind. 

i don't immediately want to put a coffee table in here. K had a quite a large expanse of playspace with the previous set-up, but it was obviously reduced significantly when we brought the sectional in. so we're going to leave that middle area open for him to continue making parking lots and "big crashes." 
   ...for now.

now that the sofa is so large, fish is itching for a bigger tv.
maybe the birthday fairy will bring it...

then again, we just bought this behemoth of a sofa and we're still paying for our new windows sooo...the birthday fairy probably won't bring a new tv just yet...

we still need some greenery in this room -- a tall twiggy ficus perhaps?? or i can still hope for a potted lemon tree! orchids don't do so well in this room, unfortunately. there's not really an indirect-sunlight spot for one to thrive. due to the eleven windows and all...

i also want a cozy faux fur throw i've been eyeing for aaaages.
i'm not sure whether to get white or black...or lynx?

i was leaning more towards white because i've already started recovering pillows in white and silver fabric.

the "white" throw isn't as optic bright white as my pillows ((which match the walls)) -- but it will go well with the creamy-ivory area rug that's currently being trimmed. the not-white "white" throw might help tie in the off-color rug more. OR should i avoid the white dilemma altogether and just get black? i've added touches of black -- picture frames, small clock, etc -- throughout the room to keep it from getting too cutesy so another black element might look good. OR i could tie in the bright white walls and the the off-white rug and the touches of black decor with the lynx throw...hmm...
   this is what my head sounds like all the time...

i want to do something with the tv stand as well. or get a new one. it's a dark-brown "wood" console from ikea -- i was thinking of painting it...but i'm not getting any flashes of inspiration for color. i debated silver-leafing the piece since my gilded nightstand project turned out so well. BUT i think it would look weird with the silver dvd player. ahem...new tv stand...
   ...and when i say "new tv stand" i really mean a cool piece of salvaged furniture.

buuut, i can't hunt for a new media console anyway until we get a new tv.
so the scale of each will go well together.

are you curious to know where the sofas that were in the sunroom went??
stay tuned...

* mari


  1. First off, holy chocolate!! That's awesome. Secondly, I love the new sectional. It looks so roomy and cozy and I would totally claim the chaise part too. That's the best part! I'm partial to anything that is white faux fur so that gets my vote but I am sure the other two would fit in just fine. Overall, looks like a splendid Christmas Eve.

    1. thank you!! i ended up ordering the lynx...but i think i'm going to get the white too! :)

  2. You can’t go wrong with more chocolate! :P

    The sectional looks great! Although it does eat up a lot of space, the comfort it brings greatly makes up for that. Lil’ archer can attest to that. It’s color is neutral, so it doesn’t really clash with anything on the room. Plus I’m partial to gray, so there. :)

    Matilda Lemons

    1. thank you matilda! it's a pretty big room so we were definitely set on a sectional. turns out lil' archer just incorporates the big honkin' sofa into his play so it all worked out! :)


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