Dec 1, 2012

november in review


it's time yet again to quickly recap our projects.

let's see what fish and i accomplished last month...

the big projects: i gold leafed my nightstand, fish converted an ikea tived ceiling light into a pull-chain fixture...and we finally had new windows installed!

i was so excited to have my gilded nightstand featured on {knock off decor}!

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outside...fish ripped down the old Metal Monstrosity and he and his parents started building a new shed in its place. yay, storage!

decor-wise, i hung the perfect curtain panel on our sunroom closet!...and in addition to gold leafing my nightstand, i also liquid-gilded a moose and an owlwhy?...why not??

after putting our christmas tree up, i slowly started decorating for the holidays by making a festive new nightlight for K, a glittery patchwork tree, some glistening HOs, and a million bajillion pom-poms for a garland!

in the miscellaneous category...our family got a little more organized with a garbage-picked markerboard-turned-calendar...and i shared how to make an adorable newborn tutu -- a perfect handmade gift for the holidays!

a little reminder: crab+fish is on instagram! there, you can see many, many pictures of projects-in-progress and small crafts that don't merit a full blogpost.


what do we have planned for december?

i told myself we are going to have a simple, calm, homemade christmas this year. though i've had a few lapses, i'm trying very hard to resist the glitter and sparkle. this is our first house -- who knows how long we'll be here? but, i definitely don't want to buy a whole tree's worth of ornaments and decoration now -- i want to build our collection, i want it to have history and meaning.

those are my intentions...we'll see how it ends up!

* mari


  1. You had a spectacular month! Can't believe the year is almost over. So now for my question of the week...how are you getting your pictures in a circular shape?

  2. thank you jennifer! i used photoshop to crop my pictures into a circular shape before posting -- i've been going wild with the circles ever since i learned how to do it! i'll be glad to send you some screenshots. :)


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