Dec 9, 2012

twisted felt garland

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time : minutes...hours
difficulty  ★  ☆ ☆   
would i do it again? : yes!

i spotted the instructions for this fancy garland 
on {the purl bee} and decided to make my own...

what a great way to add color to our yellow and white tree!

and best of all, it doesn't scream christmas -- so i can use it year-round!
...perhaps in K's room??

[SUPPLIES] - for a garland long enough for a 7.5' tree
   > 1 yard felt color A
   > 1 yard felt contrasting color B
   > rotary cutter, cutting mat (or scissors)
   > yardstick
   > coordinating thread, needle

i bought one yard of white craft felt (72" wide) and one and a half yards of yellow wool felt (36" wide). i chose yellow wool felt because the shade of yellow was much nicer ((less jarring)) than what the craft felt offered. two and a half yards was a sufficient amount of fabric -- with some left over to possibly diy some ornaments?? -- to make a garland long enough for a 7.5' tree.

first, i cut the felt into approximately 1" wide strips. don't sweat it if they're not exact, but try to be consistent.

i layered a yellow strip over a white strip. starting an inch or so from the top, i cut a 2" slit lengthwise down the center:

i pulled the bottom of the yellow-layered-over-white felt strip through the opening:

...and ended up with this:

i cut another slit about an inch below the first, pulled it through again...and kept repeating in that manner to end up with this:

soon, i had a pile of fancy strips:
(( cell phone pic ))

i sewed them end-to-end to make one looong garland!

then it was time to add it to the tree!
what a great start to our yellow and white theme!

i'm still diligently making a million bajillion yellow and white poms for our other diy garland...stay tuned for how that turns out!

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  1. How cool! The combination of colors you can do is endless.

  2. thank you jennifer! yes, i may be planning a red and pink one for valentines day...

  3. This is a very pretty felt garland! I love the detail! I'm visiting from KnockOff Decor where I saw your fabulous feather ornament. I love doing knock offs!!! It's one of the ways I am able to do my crafting.

    1. thank you gail! thanks for visiting, i hope you return soon! :)


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