Dec 19, 2012

geometric himmeli ornaments

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time : minutes...hours
difficulty  ★ ★  ☆   
hazards : going cross-eyed from repeatedly snaking fishing line through tiny straws
would i do it again? : yesss!

i have jumped on the himmeli bandwagon. after seeing impressive mobiles such as these by {AMRadio} on etsy, i went searching for a diy version. i loved this rendition by {the red jet}, which used coffee stirrers. i didn't want a big honkin' mobile so using small stirrers was much more appealing to me than full-size straws.

sooo, i got myself some coffee stirrers.

they sat through halloween.
and they sat through thanksgiving.
and they almost sat through christmas.

each geometric shape by itself would make whimsical ornaments
befitting of our off-beat yellow and white tree.

i decided to go for it.

here's what i used!
note: if i were to do it over again, i would try like heck to find stirrers or small straws that were already yellow. it was a gigantic pain to spraypaint these.

the coffee stirrers were already pretty small at 5" long -- but i wanted them even smaller, so i cut them in half.

first, i strung four half-stirrers on fishing line. i pulled an extra three feet or so of string before cutting it off the reel.

with all of the stirrers pushed to one end, i tied the string in a knot - the straws formed a one-dimensional diamond shape.

instead of cutting the fishing line close to the knot and risk it untying, i simply slid the short end of the string down into one of the straws.
i was left with just one looong end -- the extra three-ish feet of fishing line i pulled before i cut, remember?

next, i threaded two more stirrers onto the looong string. i pulled the line down to the opposite end and knotted.

then i repeated: strung two more stirrers on the line, pulled up to opposite end, and knotted.
i was left with a flattened three-dimensional diamond.

at this point, the fishing line was at the top of the structure and i needed it in the middle -- so i snaked it down one of the straws. then...i made my way around the middle:

it seems more complicated than it is when you're just looking at the pictures. once i had my method down, i made ten ornaments very quickly.

now, the annoying step. these ornaments are very very light. the force of the spraypaint coming out of the can whipped these guys around every which way. that is why i would definitely recommend finding straws in the color you want your final ornaments to be.

i bought these cheap plain black coffee stirrers instead of totally cute yellow and white striped straws i found on etsy...but the expense of the striped straws would have been worth it to avoid spraypainting. next year...
i used rustoleum marigold gloss to tie into our yellow and white tree.

the final product:

on the tree:
love them! they're quirky and weird and unexpected and...perfect!

i've got a lot of stirrers left so be expecting a full-on mobile at some point...!
(( "at some point" = "in the next ten years...or so" ))

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