Dec 12, 2012

festive vehicle wreath

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time : minutes
difficulty  ★  ☆ ☆   
would i do it again? : yes!

i'm one of those people that can be annoyingly cheery sometimes...and especially so during christmastime! so of course i wanted to attach a wreath to the front of my car! i'm just wondering why it took me this long to do it.

i browsed at a few stores for a wreath suitable to hang on my car, but they either looked too fragile...or were too expensive...or were too big...or too small...or too nice...

in short, i was having a hard time finding exactly what i wanted: a well-constructed wreath that didn't cost too much and could withstand a couple of weeks of wintery weather...and that i wouldn't be broken-hearted about if it got ruined or fell off my car or someone stole.

i finally decided to make one.
and i spent a mere $6 doing so!
really, less than $6 because i have extra garland and floral sprays left over!

do you want one for yourself?

run ((...or drive)) to your closest dollar store and pick up:

   > one 12" twig wreath
   > two 15' wire-base garlands
         you could get by with one, but the wreath might look skimpy.
   > three or four christmas floral sprays
         (poinsettias, pinecones, berries, etc)

you'll also need cable ties and wire cutters.
i stole these from fish's toolbox.

dollar store florals are not the most realistic - that's why they're so cheap. it's okay though -- most people will just catch a glimpse of it while traveling at 40mph in the opposite direction. i don't think they'll notice i cheaped out on the supplies.

to begin, start wrapping the garland around the twig wreath. it has to survive daily trips to home depot and target so i made sure to wrap the garland as tightly as i could. after each loop, i stopped and pulled it taut.

i used about 20' of garland to fully wrap the 12" wreath.

i used wire cutters to separate individual branches from the floral spray.

i slid each branch sideways under the tight loops of garland. a few times, the garland was too tight and i had to wiggle the branch in or back up and try another route.

i wound a cable tie around each branch -- and pulled as hard as i could! -- to make sure the pinecone or berries or whatever was secured to the wreath as tightly as possible.

i used less than two sprays worth of pinecones, berries, etc.

i meant to hang the wreath with the flowers off-center, as pictured above...but i accidentally attached it to my car with the decorations centered. oops!
   it doesn't bother me enough to cut the wreath off and rehang it.

on the car:

how did i attach the wreath to the car? with more cable ties!
i used about 20 cable ties total, both on the wreath and in securing to my car.

so, what do you think?

are you going to spread joy and cheer with me this holiday season??

this cheerful wreath has already made K giggle and fish smile.

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  1. this is an AWESOME idea, thanks to you I have already done it to my car. it looks pretty sweet and it's cheap enough that I won't care if it flies off on the freeway haha


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