Dec 31, 2012

goodbye 2012...

and now...a look back at what you loved on {crab+fish} in 2012...

thanks to a feature on {apartment therapy}, my most popular posts were the instructions for DIY washi tape switchplates and the collection of switchplates i've done in our home so far.

one of my first DIYs -- how to make a decorative bowl out of old magazines -- also turned out to be extremely popular...and that encouraged me to continue blogging in those early months when i basically felt like i was just talking to myself.
   actually...i still feel that way most of the time.

you guys were very interested in fish's projects as well...especially the king-size hailey platform bed and the twin-size big-boy loft bed he built! hmmm...you guys must like to sleep.

why permanent?
the king-size bed frame is too large to fit around our bendy staircase!

what will fish build in 2013...?
i'm hoping for a dining room table!

another fish-executed project: the scrap-wood-turned-organizer for my pastel pencils...this is the kind of stuff that makes my heart go pitter-patter!

my gilded nightstand project from last month turned out to be quite popular as well! it's holding up very well so far!...and he's patiently waiting for the rest of the master bedroom to look as good as he does.

there was also a lot of interest in the giant ruler growth chart i made for K. i love that we can take it with us if we ever move to another house.

...and finally, the first tiny tutu i ever made:

lucy-moosey comes in a close second...

thank you for joining us on our first home experience! 
we've loved sharing it with you!

please have a safe and happy new year's eve!
i'll see you in 2013...

* mari


  1. So glad you stuck with blogging because I admire everything you do! Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!

    1. As, thanks Jennifer! You helped a lot with all my random questions! :D


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