Dec 18, 2012

[GIVEAWAY] felix doolittle

{giveaway closed}

i'm thrilled to offer today's giveaway...and sitewide discount!...to you from the fine stationery experts at {felix doolittle}!
just a few of their many offerings...

i'm a HUGE fan of handwritten letters. and i'm even more crazy about art - in any way, shape, or form...but i have an especially soft spot for watercolor. i love its soft, flowing style and various levels of transparency. i love that, no matter how somber the subject, there always seems to exist a light, airy quality in the overall piece.

...so i was delighted to receive a set of felix doolittle's
personalized note cards...featuring a charming crab!
i'm pretty sure i'm going to need to keep these on hand for the rest of my life. 

i'm crazy about the matching crabby envelopes as well! 

the crab artwork is perfect for me of course......but they have soooo many options, you're bound to find something you love. if you're anything like me, you'll find about twenty that you must have.

a few other images on my wishlist:
they have a great selection of dog breeds available too...

all of felix doolittle's colorful imagery is the work of artist felix fu.
the man is seriously talented.

the note cards would make a thoughtful gift, especially for someone who has an eye for detail -- hello rounded corners! -- and still appreciates a good ol' fashioned handwritten note.
don't forget to gift yourself, as i like to say!

the note cards come in a larger size as well:
oh, hi pineapple. i've got plans for you in our entryway...

something i wasn't expecting is how THICK the cards are. 
i guess i've never had REALLY nice stationery before.

they're also a favorite of a little someone named OPRAH.
need i say more?

...felix doolittle is one of MARTHA's must-haves too!

the company has many more products besides stationery to offer: paperweights, calling cards, recipe cards, magnets, address labels, baker's labels, gift tags...all featuring felix fu's charming watercolors.
i used felix doolittle gift tags to label christmas cocoa jars for my neighbors...
more on that in a few days...

are you drooling over their products yet??

well, wipe off your face because the gracious folks at felix doolittle
are offering {crab+fish} readers a 15% sitewide discount!

simply enter CRABNFISH12 at checkout to receive 15% off your total.
this discount is valid through january 1, 2013.

we're giving you a chance to win a set of felix doolittle personalized bookplates!

you can pick from any of the artwork here or here
for your bookplates so i want to know...
what felix fu imagery will YOU choose?

tell me in the comments and be entered in the giveaway!
don't forget to leave me your email so you can be contacted if you win.

AND! pin the above WIN ME image on pinterest...
then link to your pin in a separate comment for an additional entry.

the winner will be chosen on december 26 -- good luck!

all entrants welcome! giveaway entries must be received by 5:19am CST on wednesday, december 26, 2012. limit two entries per person by above methods. a winner will be selected by random.org. the winner will be announced on {crab+fish} as well as privately contacted within three business days. if the winner does not reply within ten business days, a new winner will be chosen at random. thank you for participating!

* mari


  1. Hi, my name is Jessica. I just recently came across Feliz's website and fell in love! If I won, I would choose the 'Strutting Peacock' illustration. The reason I would choose this illustration would be for my mother-in-law, Amelia Waller. She is an amazing person that could spend her days reading books and drinking coffee. She is also an avid peacock collector. :)


  2. Pinterest entry :)


    Thank you so much!
    Jessica Burke


  3. I love the bicycle book plate! It's vintage-ish and just makes me think of riding my bike as a kid, when I had all the time in the world to relax with a book. :)


  4. Mmkkkay.....you one this paper girl over! So hard to choose but I would go with the butterfly image.

  5. Pinned it! http://pinterest.com/pin/91268329920251291/

  6. So happy to be introduced to this artist. I would pick the chipmunk on the books for my dear friend who is an avid reader, and book collector, who also takes a woodland walk each day.

  7. I'd have to go for 'Plucky"...That little monkey stole my heart!

  8. If I was to win, I would definitely have to choose "West Indies". I love all types of "Palm Porn" and this palm tree is one of the prettiest i've seen!

    1. and forgot my email: michelle.dube@bigpond.com!