Dec 2, 2012

DIY: mirrored monogram

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time : minutes
difficulty  ★ ☆ ☆ ☆   
would i do it again? : yep!

this fancy piece of home decor will set you back less than five buckaroos!
...as long as you've already got gold spraypaint.

and who doesn't keep gold spraypaint stocked in their arsenal??

don't believe me?
keep reading!

emily henderson's diy hula hoop light post popped up in my rss feed -- totally on my to-do list! -- and the first thing i noticed in this picture was the mirrored letter:
the next thing i noticed was the painting behind it - i LOVE it.

okay, really...i love EVERYTHING in this picture.
seriously, emily henderson can do no wrong in my book.

i figured emily's version probably cost more than i cared to spend...and it looked like an easy enough diy project.

i already had a letter O.
and gold mirrored paper.
and a gluestick.
and brass ((but actually gold)) spraypaint.

the letter doesn't have to be gold -- i'm just going through a gold "thing" right now. mirrored paper comes in a rainbow of colors...as does spraypaint. obvs.

the first thing i did was ((messily -- oops!)) trace an outline of my letter onto the back of the mirrored paper. 
now...i'm working with an O. no matter which way i turn it or flip it or throw it...it's an O. if you're doing an asymmetric letter, make sure you place it backwards on the back of your mirrored paper for it to come out right.

...then i cut. it. out.

now, the sides. 

if you're doing a letter with a lot of sides...like a K...then you can cut strips of the mirrored paper to glue to the sides and it would look good. because i'm doing an O, i would either have to cut one loooong continuous strand ((where am i going to find mirrored paper that long? for cheap?)) OR cut a couple of strands, but have an obvious seam. 

i didn't like either of those options.

so i chose to spraypaint the sides with my old standby.
rustoleum metallic in brass, if you weren't paying attention earlier...
it's not a mirrored surface, but it's still very reflective and metallic and happens to match the gold paper pretty darn well!

last step:
i used a glue stick to adhere the gold paper O to the surface of the letter O. 


that's right. we display books about disease in our house.

* mari

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