Dec 13, 2012

christmas garland, part 2!

over the past few days, i've been busy making millions and millions of yellow and white poms for our christmas tree garland. okay, probably more like...150 pom-poms, best guess. that's still a lot!

see how it looks on our tree after the jump!

after all of my hard work making the poms...
...it was time to turn them into a garland!
the easy part, yay!

i threaded a large-ish needle with fishing line, then started stringing the poms. i made sure to pierce the middle "meaty" part of the ball so it would stay on the line.

i tied loops at both ends of the garland so i would be able to hang them on branches.

once the garland was on the tree, i spaced the balls out, leaving a couple of inches between each pom. we liked the look of the spaced out pom-poms better than them all scrunched together.
   ...and the fact that this meant i wouldn't have to make as many poms was a huge benefit!

i LOVE how our yellow and white tree is coming together:
curious about the twisted felt garland??

i bought the snowflake ornaments from the dollar store a month or so ago. i got them with the intention of doing something crafty with them...but i ended up liking them on the tree just as they were.

did you notice we already have some gifts under the tree? we're not a big *present* family, but i have been buying small items i think fish and K will enjoy.

K picked up a little something for fish:
i helped him wrap it.

my rather large and extremely beautiful christmas present from fish will be arriving tomorrow morning! if you've been keeping up with me on instagram (@meandering_mari) lately, you might know what it is...!

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  1. Lovely tree and garland....your hard work=stunning decorations!

  2. thank you lynda! i love how it has turned out so far!!

  3. Yipee! Your tree turned out fabulous and I love the non-traditional colors.

    1. thank you jennifer! i decided on yellow and white on a whim and i love how it has turned out so far!


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