Dec 20, 2012

christmas cocoa for our neighbors

it's the season of giving...and not much makes me happier than making something for others -- so i whipped up these jars of christmas cocoa which K and i then snuck onto our neighbors' porches!

they're a treat just to look at and verrry easy to put together!

here's what you need!

recipe adapted from {my recipes}

i poured each ingredient, layer by layer, into pint-sized (16 oz) jars:

p.s. crushing peppermints? oddly therapeutic.

after adding marshmallows and screwing on the lids, it was time to fill out these festive felix doolittle gift tags!

i cut some red metallic scrapbook paper a little bit larger than the tag ((i rounded the edges with a corner punch)) - then wrote the hot cocoa mix instructions on the back.

i used the peel-off strip on the back of the gift tag to adhere it to the metallic paper...resulting in a dramatic red border:

i punched a hole in the corner of the tag and strung it on some christmas-sy yarn, which i then tied around the jar. i also added a few tiny coordinating ornaments ((bucket of 15 or so for $3 at target)) to keep the gift tag company!
ready for gifting!

K and i snuck out in the brightness of midday to leave these jars on our neighbors' porches. wouldn't you love to come home from a long day of work to a festive little gift like this on your doorstep??...and have a cup of hot cocoa to boot!

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