Dec 4, 2012

christmas car in a jar

i've seen many pictures of tiny trees strapped on cars floating around the internet this holiday season...and since i have access to what seems like thousands of cars via K, it was the perfect opportunity to add another little touch of christmas in our house!

see more pictures after the jump!

i bought the large jar at goodwill during the summer for some ridiculously cheap price. i love its shape. it's been sitting in my office waiting, waiting for the perfect use.

the tiny tree came in a two-pack from the dollar store. i've seen a bag of ten trees or so at craft stores for around $30! so, if you need small trees, it's definitely worth your time to check the dollar store.

the "snow" is just epsom salt!

i dug and dug through K's stash of cars, searching for the perfect vehicle to carry my tiny tree through the treacherous epsom salt snow. suddenly! a flash of yellow caught my eye! this old beat-up jeep ((which was a hand-me-down from my 21-year-old brother...and it was given to him by my over 40-year-old cousin)) was perfect!

yellow jeep...
and you know our yellow and white tree is not far from view!

after tying the tree on the jeep with twine,
this "project" clocked in at about six minutes.

 who doesn't have six minutes to add this much cuteness to their holiday decor???

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  1. Very cute & just a tinge retro. Love it :)


  2. I was going to say I love the retro look to it as well and I am also mad I picked up a small tree last weekend at Michael's for $6! Duh, why didn't I think of the Dollar Store?

  3. At first glance I thought it was a NYC taxi cab....love Dr. Pepper! This is so cute I have to make a trip to the dollar store now! Merry Christmas!Lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com

  4. jennifer, ONE tree for SIX dollars?? holy moly! well, it's probably a much nicer little tree than mine. i can't wait to see what you do with it!

    lynda, i can totally see that! i love how it's all scratched up and has family history. lil' a can't wait to get it back after christmas, ha!

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