Dec 16, 2012

chandelier crystals
become tree ornaments

i was packing away an old chandelier that was handed down to us from my grandmother...when the crystals caught my eye.

since the light fixture isn't really our style at this exact moment in time, i never bothered to look closely at the crystals hanging from it -- those are definitely my style!

i immediately repurposed them as ornaments on our christmas tree...

i love the fancy-shmancy crystals hanging amid all the other handmade and cheapie ornaments: the pom-pom garland, the twisted felt garland, and the dollar-store snowflakes. the crystals really class the tree up!

i used plain ol' clear fishing line to hang them:

i tried to hang each crystal near a light to make our tree even brighter:

these worked much better than the one-dimensional mirror multipliers i made.

do you have anything unusual hanging on your tree??

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* mari
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  1. What a clever way to re-use something that was handed down. Crystals always look so pretty against lights!

    1. yes, i will be very sad when it's time to take down the christmas tree. you'll have to help me brainstorm for another way to use these crystals!


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