Dec 29, 2012

bringing down the roof

...or i guess more accurately, the ceiling.
in the garage.

keep reading to see what in the world is going on here!

now that the shed is finished, fish was able to move a whooole bunch of STUFF out of the garage to make room for...his car!
you can't prove those spraypaint outlines were from me!

but, wait! first, we need a new garage door. the current one is hung crookedly. and manually operated.

doesn't look that bad, you say?
take a closer look:

it's definitely crooked.
and has a gap large enough for a small bobcat to squeeze through.

but, hold your horses!
before we can get a new garage door, we need a new garage ceiling. 

why do we need a new garage ceiling??

i have no pictures of the scary parts so let me describe it for you...old plaster. decaying. rotting. crumbling to pieces. very large gaping holes. spiders. cobwebs.

there was NO WAY anyone was going to be able to hang an automatic garage door on the ceiling.
   so, fish had to tear it down.

a recap of what must happen for fish to park in his own garage:

okay, are we all on the same page?

 fish put on his ceiling-tearing-down outfit and got started. 

i would not have been surprised in the least if bats came flying out. or if raccoons attacked him. in fact, i AM surprised that there were no scary rodent-y animals hiding out up there.

as fish started tearing down the old ceiling, we slowly realized...

there was a BEAUTIFUL old wood ceiling hiding behind the plaster!

(( nevermind what was gathering on the floor ))

look UP!

so, we revised the checklist!

yep! neither of us can bear the thought of covering up that gorgeousness.

less work for fish!
...and me. i was TOTALLY going to help drywall.

after that saga, we're left with:
this, combined with all the cement fish has been removing from our yard...we're going to need a dumpster soon i think.

the conqueror!

K thought fish's protective-eyewear-and-mask getup was hilarious!

we ordered a new garage door and i convinced fish to let someone else do the work for once -- professionals, not me!

technically, we're not finished yet. in a perfect world, we'd widen our driveway so i'm not stuck parking on the street ((in order to give fish access to the garage)).

...but, when we were house-hunting, all fish said was that he wanted a garage. he didn't specify he wanted a garage that he could actually use. lesson learned.

* mari

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