Dec 6, 2012

a new shed. part two!

last time we talked shed, this is how we left her:

a solid structure...but still incomplete.

i went with fish to pick out shingles. even though it won't match our house now, we decided on a black roof for the shed because we plan on re-roofing the house with black shingles at some point within the next few years.

we also picked up some paint chips.
do i know the color of my brick or do i know the color of my brick??

fish was on his own for putting the shingles on. 

K and i observed from the sunroom.
such a beautiful day...

...that soon morphed into extreme WIND.

our neighbor took pity on us and came over to help fish finish the shingles.
i owe him some crock-pot hot chocolate!

they once again worked long into the night.

i woke up the next morning and like magic! it was all shingled:
...and a much nicer day.

we eventually want to put gutters on to funnel rainfall into a rain barrel...but in the interest of getting this shed finished as quickly as possible, we delayed guttering until next summer.

as attractive as the tarp-door is, we needed an actual barrier to raccoons and skunks and squirrels.
"yeah, i'll just stand here holding the door up while you get your picture..."
i blurred out the pissed-off expression, but you can imagine.

at some point after that last picture and before this next one, fish installed the transom windows. i swear, i went inside for two minutes, came out, and they were in!

we bought two regular windows to add to the side of the shed, but like the gutters, we're shelving that project until next summer.

adding the door hardware:

next came caulking.
no pictures of that, sorry!

i believe i was busy doing something a little more exciting, like watching paint dry. fish is a lot more dedicated than me. he does the stuff that needs to be done, even if it's boring.

BUT! how exciting is this??
fish was able to clear out the bikes and strollers and trailers and trikes and lawnmowers from our garage! 

WOWZA! that's a clean garage!!
look at all the scrap wood, yearning to be used in a project...

the next day, fish primed all the exposed wood to protect it from the elements. we're adding "paint the shed" to next summer's to-do list. that gives me a whole six or seven months to decide on a color!

fish also built a ramp from scrap wood.
just off the top of his head.
no biggie.
yep, i totally took this picture from the warmth of the sunroom.

can you believe so much work goes into...
well, ya know...except for guttering, windowing, and painting...

please, come in, come in!

nice ramp, fish!

...aaand stop right there! 

yep, that's about as far as we're getting into this already-stuffed shed. but, hol-lee cow, does it fit a lot! besides the parade of wheeled vehicles shown earlier, fish fit the patio set, his barbecue, a bunch of doors, a propane heater, a snow-blower, a wheelbarrow, the jogging stroller, and K's escalade. ohhh! that's why K keeps calling the shed a "baby garage!"
   almost all of which were gifts or hand-me-downs.
      we have very generous family.
         thank you family!

...but i think we might have too much stuff.

do we need a shed addition already??

* mari


  1. Fish did the work all by himself? Wow! It must've consumed a lot of his time and energy, considering it's not easy to build and install a roofing system, especially if you're not a professional roofer. Anyway, where did he learn his carpentry skills? By the way, when are you planning to re-roof your house?

    -Jimmy Lilly @ CharlesterryConstruction

    1. thanks jimmy! we're not planning to reroof for a few years, but it's definitely in the plans. :)


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