Dec 30, 2012

a look back...
(achieving goals)

do you know what feels great?? looking back at old posts and seeing that we accomplished goals we set for ourselves.
   not great? terribly edited pictures i've posted for the world to see...

FOR EXAMPLE...K's room!

it was the one of the first areas we focused on because we wanted our little guy to have a safe place to play. and it was his first room. i don't know that he much cared, but WE were excited.

i wrote a post before we even closed about all our grand plans for K's room.

i talked about painting it from drab olive to bright white:

check! we immediately began brightening up that room on closing day.

...and we also added the chalkboard wall i wanted so badly!

almost nine months later, i'm thankful we took the plunge and painted the chalkboard. it was scary thinking about painting a wall BLACK...but i love the end result! we have so much fun with it and it's a great stimulator for K's imagination. best of all, it will grow with him. i'm over 30 ((not middle-aged!)) and i STILL love to draw!

i was able to reuse the vehicle decals from our last apartment like i wanted to:
the plane on a ceiling fan blade was fish's idea and K loved it! the fan was near-constantly on over the summer...and the plane flew around and around and around...

in the plans for our bebe's room, i mentioned being inspired by a geometric door pattern...and i later created my own version of it with washi tape
this worked out even better than painting the design on the door because i was still able to achieve a bold look, but with an extremely easy-to-remove method. washi tape has a very similar level of low-tackiness as masking tape. easy on, easy off.

i also talked about stringing colorful bunting and felt-ball garlands across K's ceiling. i tackled that easy DIY less than a month after we moved in!
it was seriously so easy to do and is such a fun element of his room.

i planned on making a giant ruler growth chart for K -- and any other future kiddos. we made it...and hung it in the upstairs hallway.

i'll admit it took me almost eight months to cram some christmas lights in a glass container...and my version is a little more, uh...exuberant than the inspiration picture!

the biggest project of ALL was the twin-sized loft bed that fish built for our big boy!
i envisioned this bed as early as my THIRD blogpost! i'm incredibly proud of fish for building it.

what haven't we done yet?

welllll...i still love this construction initial and want to make my own version:

i haven't made this rollie pollie yet either. and i likely won't. as i said in my original post, i think a wee bit more effort is involved there than i actually feel like expending.

looking back at 2012, are there any big projects YOU completed?
it's time to give yourself a pat on the back!

* mari


  1. I seriously love every stinken detail of his room, especially the chalkboard wall (even though I, myself, cannot stand the feeling of chalk)and putting the airplane decals on the fan blades was genius! Hmm....well,we FINALLY marked the fireplace and floors off of our to-do list but I'm not sure I can take credit for it since we hired others to do the dirty work!

    1. thanks!! you can definitely take credit for that...that way *I* can take credit for all of fish's projects, haha!

  2. Haha....just realized I said "chalkland" instead of Chalkboard....I think I just created a magical place for chalk people.


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