Nov 18, 2012

the wonder of cardboard...

we recently acquired a large piece of cardboard packaging that fish was *thisclose* to throwing away. 

i'm sure he's sick and tired of me saving every. single. piece. of cardboard with even the slightest chance of being used in craft or playtime activities.  in other words, i'm sure he's sick of me saving EVERYTHING.

but, i'm extra-glad i saved this piece because...

...i ended up using it to draw our house and our neighbor's house -- where K's best buddy lives!

K plays with this almost every day. he drives his little cars from our house to our neighbor's house and back again. he makes up conversations with his buddy. he drives his toy garbage truck down the street picking up our pretend trash.
this got me thinking:
what else have we done with cardboard?

(( click here for more pics of these ramps and tunnels! ))

we have also had LOTS of fun making surprisingly sturdy forts from empty cardboard paper boxes...but i can't find a photo of them ANYWHERE. we must have been having too much fun to stop and take pictures!

are you like me?
do you save most of your cardboard from the recycling bin?

how have you found ways to play with it?
please share in the comments!

* mari

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  1. Oh my cuteness! I love, love, love the Father's Day picture with the sign. So sweet.


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