Nov 3, 2012

sunroom closet curtain

when we first moved in, we immediately removed the bifold doors from the closet in the sunroom.
...i know...

closet in the sunroom??

we didn't see a real need for storage in this particular area of the house and planned on turning the closet into a homework-slash-laptop station...in seventeen years when we've finished everything else on our project list.

for now, i must admit it IS pretty handy for corralling K's toys -- seriously, they must be multiplying overnight. but, they're not really hidden away unless there are closet doors...orrrrr...

...how about a curtain panel??
don't worry -- it hasn't been hemmed or ironed yet in this pic!

i looked FOR. EVER. for the perfect curtain panel. i was set on linen because i wanted a natural, informal fabric...a curtain that would be light and airy, one that would gently sway in the cross-breezes of the sunroom.
   i miss you, summer...

...and i wanted a color that was a darker shade of the pinky-peach goodness on the walls.

my heart skipped a beat when i stumbled across these linen curtains...in PINK.

i put off ordering them for a month or so, thinking the color couldn't possibly be so perfect in real life. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG??

the curtains are labeled "pink" -- but they are much closer to salmon.

...except it needs to be ironed and hemmed...

i took it down and ironed it with my new favorite linen water:
aaaah, smells so fresh!

next came pinning the hem:

...and i added pockets for a few of these to add weight to the bottom of the panel:

after i've worked my magic...
oooh! ahhh!

now, i know i've mentioned my extremely novice sewing skills before...but just in case you forgot, i'll go ahead and alert you again. i know there are fancier stitches that are all but invisible from the front of the panel...and i know i really should have made a quick trip to joann's for some matching thread...but i just wanted the curtain panel up already!!

even though you can see the stitches and even though i used white thread -- which means you can really SEE the stitches!...i still like how it turned out!

here's a wide view...
see how perfect it is with the wall color??
what? are those toys distracting you?

now...i'm plotting how i can fit a large, gray sectional into our budget...

* mari

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  1. Salmon is a wonderful color and I LOVE how they look in the room. I couldn't agree more with you about the white thread...it looks like it was meant to be that way! It adds a nice touch.


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