Nov 13, 2012

salvaged markerboard becomes
family calendar

i was on my way to pick up K from preschool when something on the side of the road caught my eye...a mini van cozy coupe! ripe for the taking!
...but look closer!

see what else was in that pile??

an old, dirty markerboard!

after some alcohol and a bit of scrubbing...

still a few scratches here and there, but overall much improved!

 next, i removed the weird hooks.

i used plain black washi tape to create the calendar borders:

...and sparkly letters to label the columns!
these are the same letters i used for our uplifting stair message!

our family calendar: a ten-minute and zero-dollar investment!

oh, and the mini van cozy coupe? it was missing a few screws, but nothing a little coordinating duct tape couldn't handle!

some of my other organizational coups:

* mari



  1. You salvage the best things. The gold stick letters on the board totally take it up a notch. Love it!

  2. thank you!! i think it's more my neighbors dumping the best things! i *almost* left it...but i figured i could find some kind of use for a markerboard, even if it was dirty. i didn't realize the alcohol would restore it to almost-new condition!

  3. That is awesome. I love riding out on trash day or day before to see what I can find.


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