Nov 28, 2012

putting the tree up

it's officially christmas season, right??

time for a giant mug of piping hot, extra-rich hot cocoa!

time for heartwarming christmas movies that teach important life lessons!

time for the {straight no chaser} holiday album on repeat for a month straight! 
okay, i lied. i've been listening to their holiday album since two weeks ago.
time for christmas cards!
i haven't started yet!

we need to get the tree up STAT.

we found a great deal on a 7.5' unlit tree - the branches are soft and full and i'm generally pleased with the purchase. i wanted an unlit tree because...well, i'm fickle. i figured i'd want white lights one year, colored lights another, etc. i wanted a blank tree-canvas.

after we picked out a tree, i headed to the christmas lights section while fish shopped for some other stuff we needed. after about five minutes of looking at my options -- and K rapidly going through his cheerios...time's almost up! time's almost UP! -- i thought, wouldn't it be fun to have a yellow and white tree?

you know, since the front room with the giant tree-displaying picture window is right next to my beloved yellow polka-squared walls of the dining-area-turned-workspace-turned-back-to-dining-area.

K and i put the tree together while fish worked on the shed.
i wanted to wait for fish and do it as a family, but K was too excited!

now...time for lights?

first, i hung the tree light reflectors i wasted a half hour of my life making:
i get the concept. mirrors, reflection, light bouncing...but i don't think they work very well. womp, womp. or maybe i just didn't make enough. but, if i'm going to spend a bunch of money on little mirrors to glue together...why not just buy more lights???

okay, so the pointless mirrors have been hung on the tree...

time to add the yellow and white lights!
admittedly, not much difference between the two...

then...finally...time to take pictures for our christmas card.

someone please send the memo to K.

* mari

Tiny Prints Holiday Card Collection


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