Nov 4, 2012


i was not excited about new windows. i knew we needed them. i knew they would greatly improve the curb appeal of our house. but...it's not like buying...a sofa. or an art piece. i didn't get that fluttery anticipatory feeling in pit of my stomach.

a window is a window is a window.

i am IN. LOVE.

see more before and after pictures after the jump!

pella arrived on a bright, sunny morning and immediately got to work.
...meanwhile, we relaxed in the sunroom and watched tv.

they used tension rods to hold giant sheets of plastic around each window as they switched out the old for the new.
isn't that brilliant? i told fish we needed some long tension rods. he asked what we would use them for and i couldn't come up with anything. they SEEM like they'd be really useful though, don't they??

the view from outside after they removed the old windows from my office:
that guy is probably admiring the paint color...

here is the new GIANT picture window waiting to be installed...

...into the front room:

from the outside:
better windows seem to make even our paltry landscaping look better.

another huge change in the powder room:
goodbye frosted glass!!

please ignore the smudge-y mirror...

...aaand the master bedroom.
we were going for "abandoned house chic."

we ordered cordless top-down/bottom-up double cell shades for all the new windows...but we'll be living with blanket-drapes until they arrive.

* mari

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  1. I love the look of the windows with the pane and wowzer I love that big picture window. We just replaced all our windows last year and even though like you I saw it as one the least exciting purchases in history (next to the new furnance we bought this year) I do have to say you will be amazed at the difference in your heating and ac cost. We knew it would help with the costs but we seriously didn't think we would save that much!

  2. i sure hope there's a big difference! the last homeowner said her heating bills in the winter were about $400/month!! the first thing we did was add insulation -- there was only about 2" of it in the attic. so hopefully that combined with the new windows will significantly decrease the heating bill.

  3. ooh nice new and clean windows!! i love the big picture window you had installed. it is the subtle changes like windows that make a HUGE difference

  4. thanks meg! we LOVE the picture window -- it's like a giant TV screen...that's always playing a show featuring our neighbors across the street. :)

  5. The new windows really do look AMAZING :) And lower heating costs will make them that much sweeter!


  6. thanks k -- they make a giant difference aesthetically! ...as long as our heating bills are significantly less than the $400 the previous owners paid per month, i'll be happy.

  7. The new windows certainly work better for your house’s curb appeal! It is now easier to appreciate how beautiful your window placements are without the mullions. I really like the biggest square window. I can picture how it can evolve every season. It would be cool to put some decors inside right front of it. The Easter is coming, and it would be a great start! :D

    1. thank you isaac! we hung faux snow in the picture window at christmas -- not sure yet about easter! i'll have to dig through my craft closet and see what i can come up with..... :)

  8. I agree with Isaac—the he new windows are definitely WAY better than the old ones. =D They look more stylish and appealing. The larger window in photo #2 gives you a clearer view of the outdoors and it seems easier to clean when it gets all dusty. Did the double cell shades already arrive? Would love to see it!

    Mary Martin

    1. hi mary, thank you!! yes, the shades arrived a loooong time ago, haha. i guess i just figured no one would care about them. you can read this 'progress on the front room' post to see what they look like up. not much difference, but then that's what we wanted: low-profile. :)


  9. The new window looks lovelier and livelier than the old ones. The old ones look nice too but a little too plain without any treatments. The new ones are homier and fits better with your landscape edge. I hope it still looks good as new by now. =)

    Willene Fagen @RoofingandMoreINC.com

  10. Your new window gave a dignified statement to your house. It didn't only made your haven look clean but organized as well, especially the wider one. It could definitely give a panoramic view bay windows usually do.



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