Nov 10, 2012

miniDIY: newborn tutu

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time minutes...hours
difficulty : ★  ☆ ☆ ☆
hazards : your heart will ache for a little girl
would i do it again? : absolutely!

i followed the tiny toddler tutu tutorial i previously posted, but adjusted down for a preemie newborn: 4" long with a 12" round waist.
a 12" waist? this tutu is positively pee-wee!

here's what to have on hand before you start:
...except you don't really need the coordinating ribbon...

i cut my elastic about 13" long then sewed the overlapping ends together, forming a 12" round waistband.

next, i cut strips of tulle using the cardboard method explained in the toddler tutu tutorial. i ended up with a stack of tulle strips 8" long and 6" wide.

then...i got to knotting!

you could absolutely gift the tutu at this stage!
...but it just wasn't frilly enough for my liking.

i initially bought the coordinating ribbon to wind around the waist (an explanation of how to do this is in the tiny toddler tutu tutorial)...and i was going to fashion a headband out of the decorative elastic ribbon.

...BUT i started experimenting with the elastic ribbon...weaving it through the tulle knots, just as i would have done with the non-elasticized ribbon...and it looked SUPER-CUTE! 

this is one of those dumb occasions when i figure my experiment isn't going to turn out how i'm picturing in my head so i don't bother to take pictures...and then the end result is so perfectly exactly what i was picturing that i can't undo it to redo it with photographs because it will never ever turn out so perfect again.

but, don't fret!

a. it's easy! i just weaved the elastic ribbon through a loop of tulle along the waistband and repeated every tenth loop or so. after going all the way around, the ribbon is pretty well secured. 

however, just to be certain it would stay, i stitched the elastic ribbon into place after weaving it through the tulle. there's no need to be meticulous about neat stitches because all the dirty work ends up being hidden under mounds of tulle anyway.

b. i'm POSITIVE i will be making more tutus for this tiny tot and i promise, scout's honor, i will take pictures of my madness next time if any clarification is still needed.

mr. monk was so kind to model the finished tutu for me...
...as long as i promised not to show his face.

* mari

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  1. Tutu cute(had to do it!)That does make me yearn for a little girl. I would dress them in a tutu everday!

  2. me too! of course, with how girly i am, i know for sure any daughter we have is going to be a total tomboy.

  3. Super cute! Where did you get the decorative elastic ribbon?

    1. I found the decorative elastic at Joann Fabrics, near all the ribbons and trims. Elastic trim was mixed in so I just ended up picking up random spools and checking if they were stretchy. :)

  4. How much tull did h you use, my granddaughter will be here soon

    1. hi there, two rolls of tulle plus a yard of the hotter pink tulle was *much* more than enough for a tiny newborn tutu.

    2. ...and congratulations on your granddaughter! :D

  5. After 4 grandsons & a step-grandson, we are expecting our first granddaughter in July & her nursery is decorated in zebras wearing pink tutus!!! This is perfect!

  6. Muy hermoso y sencillo gracias por compartir

    1. "very beautiful and simple thanks for sharing"

      thank you!

    2. loved the simple instructions/photos. I have all my supplies except as I started cutting the tulle it was very difficult to cut in a straight line. Mine came out very,very jagged I am using extra tulle from my daughters veil for her daughters tutu so this isn't on a spool. would love some advice as this is our first granddaughter and obviously my first attempt at cutting tulle.

    3. Hi anonymous! What a thoughtful gift and beautiful repurposing! I have instructions on how to easily cut the tulle in my DIY toddler tutu post (http://crabandfish.blogspot.com/2012/03/diy-tiny-toddler-tutu.html) by using a piece of cardboard. You could also cut the pieces one by
      one -- it will take more time, but it should be pretty easy to cut straight with a good pair of fabric scissors or a rotary cutter (I like Fiskars brand for both) and a cutting mat. Good luck and please let me know if you have any more questions! mari

  7. Hi, would it be ok if I sold Tutus made from this tutorial? My email is lonely1sunshine@aol.com


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