Nov 25, 2012

glistening HO! HO! HO!

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★   ☆ ☆
would i do it again? : yes!

i stumbled upon the mother lode of sparkly silver yarn at goodwill months ago. i didn't know what i'd use it for since i don't knit or crochet or whatever else you do with yarn...but i couldn't resist its siren call.
i ended up buying six skeins ((yarn-speak for "balls")) for only a couple of dollars!

i came home and stashed them in my craft closet and there they stayed...until this week, when -- despite my desire to keep our christmas simple, to let our decorations slowly evolve over the years -- i was craving some SPARKLE.

now...what to do with the yarn?

i guess i could always learn to knit but...i really have no desire to. plus, the metallic component of this particular yarn is very scratchy. i definitely wouldn't want to snuggle up in a scarf made from this stuff. which is probably how it ended up at goodwill in the first place.

also...i was going more for instant gratification. i wanted a quick craft.
sigh, don't i always??

i rummaged through my meager christmas stash -- small pieces from our apartment-living days and odds and ends i've been throwing in my shopping cart in the months leading up to the holiday season.


lo and behold, a HO! another HO! a third HO!
 the letters are mdf and six inches high - i found them at michael's.

with an H in one hand, obnoxiously sparkly silver yarn in the other, and the wonder years on netflix, i started rapping. 
   hip, hop, hooraaaay, hoooo......
      no?...okay, i started WRapping.

i wrapped the Hs very haphazardly.

the stiff, scratchy nature of the yarn meant it held in place just fine without slipping and sliding all over the place. if you use a more silky soft yarn, you may need mod podge to help keep everything in place.

...i kept wrapping...

once the whole letter was covered, i knotted the yarn on the back to secure it.

it was easier to wind the yarn around the Os in an orderly fashion:

here's a HO-in-progress. even though the letters are wrapped differently, i still think they look good together. opposites attract and all that...

it took about fifteen minutes to complete one HO.

all in all, i used a hundred yards or so of metallic yarn for all three HOs. you could get by with less -- i was very generous and carefree with the yarn. 
   ...and i've still got four skeins left!

a much longer story than it should be.

i originally wanted to put them on a windowsill in the front room where they'd catch a ton of sunlight and sparkle like crazy at passersby...but it was hard to see the HOs through the window screen from the outside.


sooo...onto plan b.
wait, what plan b??

the main problem is that i've been obsessed with GOLD lately. if i care about being all matchy-matchy with my metallics...which i'm not sure that i do...then i'm limited to the kitchen or the sunroom, where silver abounds

the other thing to consider is that they don't stand up by themselves.
especially the Os, they're so LAZY...

i tried arranging them on K's table in the sunroom --
they looked pretty good!
i was ready to celebrate my decorating victory!

...until K noticed them.
sparkly yarn-wrapped letters within a toddler's reach?
not a good idea.

i next tried stringing them up...but they were too heavy for the string i chose, i couldn't get them to hang right, yaddayaddayadda. i tossed that idea pretty quickly.

what are we on now, plan d?

i threw them up on a windowsill in the sunroom as a temporary solution while i stewed on the matter.

heeeeyyy...i kind of like them there!

this time, i faced the HOs inward since i don't think the squirrels and birds stealing grass seed from our backyard are spending too much time checking out our holiday decor. if they can even see the HOs through the screen...

so, that's that!

i know...this corner looks a little barren right now. but! i have plans to build a teepee hideout for K. 

at some point.
when i'm done decorating everything else.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I love reading about someone's quest to make something gorgeous or fun or spectacular using whatever they have around the house. Well done!

  2. Okay, that is possibly the most gorgeous yarn I have ever seen. Great score! Love the "ho's" both in the sun room and on the window sills.

    PS. Do you know how excited I am about the tee pee? I saw one on Pinterest the other day and I was soooo going to tell you that you should make one!!

  3. Wonderful! Love the bling! There is something fabulous about silver and gold this time of year! I'll be back to see the tee pee...I remember my first tp Santa (my dad) bought us one Christmas when we live on Lake Gibson. A very special memory...

  4. thank you anonymous, jennifer, and lynda!! i'm pumped up to make this teepee now that i know someone besides me is excited about it. i don't think lil' archer quite understands how cool teepees are yet. but he will...oh, he will...

  5. What a super idea!! I love yarn but all those yarn covered letters look like....yarn covered letters and they make me yawn. But, I looove the sparkly yarn!! And, I love that you got it thrifting..that's just awesome!!! I've now got a new thing to check for at the thrift shops, thanks!! :) Nice placement, btw. Those types of touches are so charming!!

  6. your "OH OH OH" made me laugh (: and reminded me of that "oh, oh, oh, its majic, ya knoooooowwww" song. and then i thought of really excited decor.

    just a heads up-- when i go to the list of all of your diy stuff (cuz yeah, i lurk your blog like that), the pic for this one isnt click-able. all the others work fine though!

    and i feel your toddler pain-- our poor boohshelves are all empty on the bottoms and OVERFLOWING at the tops *sigh*

  7. thank you lacey!! ...aaaaand now that song is in my head - haha!

    i definitely encourage my son's curiousity...until it comes to crafts i've labored over! then, i say, "it's nothing! it's nothing!...look, a car!" lol

    thanks for letting me know about the link! sometimes i add images to the diy gallery before the post is active...then i forget to link it when the post is published. it should be fixed now!


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