Nov 17, 2012

gilded owl

itching for a quick project with a big payoff?

find your closest dollar store and pick one or two or ten of these guys up.

see what i did to him and how he turned out after the jump!

i would have walked right past this little statue had jennifer at {delightfully noted} not shared the charming makeover she did.

i somehow came home with only one owl.

for my little guy's makeover, i decided to use my new favorite craft supply (witnessed here and here...so far...) -- martha stewart's {liquid gilding}! see similar metal leaf options from dick blick here!

one coat and ten minutes later:

holy fancy shmancy.

i would never guess in a million bajillion years that he's from the dollar store.

would you?

* mari

psst! interested in the silver gilding? jennifer at {delightfully noted} makes over her deer with it! 


  1. I am seriously considering going back and gilding my owls. I just love how yours turned out.

    PS. Great new profile pic!

  2. no, your owls are so cute!!...just go buy some more! you can make an owl army.

  3. I've had my eye on the adorable owl cookie jars at Anthropologie. Sadly, they are not even close to the $1 price range. :)


  4. ...and that is why i both hate and love anthropologie. love all of their supercute, off-the-wall, whimsical stuff...but i realllly hate their prices. i'll keep my eyes open for an owl cookie jar for you at goodwill. ;)


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