Nov 15, 2012

festive glass block nightlight

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★   ☆ ☆
would i do it again? : yes!

K's old nightlight was serviceable, but...not attractive in the traditional sense. or really, any sense.
sorry, first alert.

obviously, safety and security are your first priorities.

it's shallow ol' me who's looking for more from her nightlights.

when i've spent time making everything else in K's room fun and imagination-inspiring...why not extend that to his nightlight as well??

enter the kraftyblok.

sooo...i didn't know these existed. whenever i saw glass blocks being used in crafty ways, i assumed these people had taken drills or hacksaws or what-have-you to their stockpile of blocks. what? you don't have a stash of glass blocks in your basement like us?? 

but, there i was at michael's, browsing the christmas section, feeling all warm and fuzzy in anticipation of snow and trees and mittens and...BAM. a whole shelf of kraftybloks.
you see, kraftybloks have an opening at the top (or side, however you choose to orient it) that allows you to place objects inside the block...and/or snake cords out of it.

for K's new nightlight,
i initially put a short strand of white lights in the block:
((instagram photo))

...and even though it was the effect i was looking for,
the lights seemed a bit paltry.

so, i did what anyone would do.

i stuffed it full of lights.

there's a very serious possibility this nightlight is affecting the migratory patterns of passing birds.

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* mari


  1. wonderfull! i discovered your blog only yesterday, and u gave me lots of ideas. i also have this lights and didn't know what to do with them. thank u for your wonderfull ideas and the smiles from your writing (-:

  2. we're so happy to have to zilbermania! thanks for stopping by!

  3. I just discovered your blog, and plan to immediately hit up Michael's for that gilded paint. I love this idea too, but when it's on do you smell any of the wires touching the lights melting? Or am I just a silly Jewish girl, without any Christmas lights experience?

  4. hi anonymous, welcome to {crab+fish} -- i'm glad you found us!

    i have not noticed any funny smells or burned spots with this nightlight. i would definitely recommend using as small a strand as possible and unplugging it overnight and when you're not home. we sneak into lil' archer's room before we go to bed and unplug the light.

    i am not an electrician or any kind of expert on fire safety, so please check with someone that can give you a definitive answer on safety precautions.

    good luck and please let me know what you find out!

  5. Thanks Mari! I'll definitely keep you posted (and take a couple of pictures of my newly gilded apartment!)



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