Nov 30, 2012

christmas garland, part 1.
making the poms.

i've mentioned briefly that i want to do a very simple and homemade celebration for our first christmas in this house. i'm trying very hard not to go buck-wild buying every sparkly thing i see.
   ...it's been hard, guys.

but...theoretically...i don't just want to go out a buy a houseful of decorations. i want our collection to grow and evolve over time. i want special ornaments that have meaning. i want to look back and associate heartwarming stories with them.

...like that one year i spent days and days furiously making a gazillion bajillion fuzzy pom-poms for a christmas tree garland:

see how i made all these bad boys after the jump!

have i mentioned yet that i want a yellow and white tree this year? yes? okay then, off i went to michael's for some yellow and white ((and gray, which i didn't use...yet)) yarn!

for this garland, i used clover's pom pom makers -- i think they are so superior to homemade cardboard templates that they are worth the five dollars or so for a two-pack. however, if you don't have the pom pom makers, you'll still be able to make the garland. it will just take a lot longer.
(( i am not affiliated with clover in any way. ))

now, i personally found the directions included with the pom pom makers a little confusing...so i took a whole bunch of pictures to show you how simple it really is:

once i learned how to use the pom pom maker, i experimented with the different yarns i bought. as expected, the thicker and softer yarns made for floppier poms.

then, i experimented with different wrapping patterns using more than one color.


combining three colors vs. two colors:

half and half:


hiding one color under another:

i also tried wrapping wool roving instead of yarn:

after all this experimenting, i was left with:

now...i just need to make a million bajillion more to have enough to for a garland for our 7.5' tree!

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  1. Say what?!! They have pom pom makers? Who knew! Love your color combo you went with. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  2. YES and they're sooooo easy to use! i'm nearly finished with the garland. i think...i may never want to see another pom-pom in my life after this big honkin' garland so maybe i'll send the pompom makers to you, hah!

  3. I soooo need to find one of those! Not only are they great for crafts, my kitten absolutely LOVES Pom poms! I have tons of yarn too...Amazon here I come!


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