Nov 21, 2012

a new shed. part one.

this is the small metal shed that came with our house.
((previous owner's stuff))

it was barely serviceable. the concrete pad under the shed is level, but for some reason, there were rocks and planks of wood shoved underneath the structure, propping up one side and making it uneven. also, it was rusty. the door wouldn't close.
   ...and it was ugly.

we dealt with it allll summer. but, with winter coming, we wanted fish to be able to park in the garage -- this meant we needed a usable shed to move all of the tools, strollers, and toys that were currently occupying fish's rightful carspace.

he wanted a shed that would take full advantage of the 8x12' concrete pad that was already there. we shopped around...and quickly discovered how expensive sheds are.
   it's just a box -- i don't get it...

then, we stewed. was it worth a couple thousand dollars for fish not to have to scrape ice and snow off his car?
   in the dark and freezing early morning hours?
      for at least two to three months every single year? 

if you ask me...YES.

but, fish kept researching.

...and he found an incredible deal during end-of-season sales on a build-it-yourself shed! so we snapped it up and brought it home:
can you believe all the pieces fit in this truck??

after unloading the truck, it was getting late and dark...but fish immediately got to work tearing down the Metal Monstrosity.

he created this lovely sculpture out of the pieces:

i woke up the next morning to a suddenly GIGANTIC yard:
i had a strong urge to frolic.

...and a bare concrete pad with a surprise inscription!
look at that tiny handprint! LOVE.

thanks for pouring a level concrete pad dave and dave's dad! i'm reallllly glad we didn't have to deal with pouring a new surface.

since fish has a crazy busy work schedule, we needed all the help we could get to build this shed as quickly as possible. fish's parents came to the rescue!

i was in charge of keeping K out of their way -- which i was happy to do because it was fr-ee-e-e-e-zing outside! unfortunately, this means i don't have any pictures except the end-of-day...but a lot of work went into building this seemingly simple platform!

then...a stall. 

fish worked for twelve straight days
before he got the chance to resume his shed-building. 

things were looking good: his parents came out once again to help and the temperature was actually quite pleasant...but it rained off and on the whole day and became very windy in the evening hours. still, they trudged on!

in no time at all...
ooooh! aaaah!

they worked long into the night...

...and i woke the next morning to see this:
an honest-to-goodness SHED!

with a ROOF!

more progress and pictures to come soooon...
((psst! read part two here...))

* mari


  1. Love the surprise inscription - so sweet!

  2. agreed robyn -- love knowing there's a little piece of history under that shed!


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