Oct 28, 2012

spiderweb wreath

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time : minutes...hours
difficulty : ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
would i do it again? : yessir!

see exactly how i made this adorably creepy wreath after the jump!

i started off with a plan to simply spraypaint a twiggy leaf black -- and i just kept adding this and that...and this...and that...

it's usually not a pretty sight when i go overboard. which i tend to do quite often. but i LOVE the outcome of this project and i think i stopped at the exact right moment.

though it takes many pictures to explain, this wreath is super-duper easy, super-duper cute, and super-duper quick! 

what more can you ask??

   > grapevine wreath
   > black spraypaint
   > fishing line (...or floss)
   > white pipe cleaners
   > scissors
   > glue gun
   > fake spiders
   > fabric
   > needle and thread
   > ribbon
   > wreath hanger

i began with a plain ol' grapevine wreath...and one regret with this project is that i didn't spend more time choosing a perfectly round wreath. how was i to know so much fabulousness would develop??
i see a twig wreath and i wanted it painted black...

let's pretend there is an 'after' picture of a black twig wreath here!


sidebar: a conundrum. i have a white door, a white wreath holder, and a black wreath. the wreath holder will blend into the door, but when i hang the wreath on it...

i could spraypaint the wreath holder black...
but then it would be glaringly obvious on my white door.

sooo...once again, washi tape comes to the rescue.
you could just as well use colored electrical tape, masking tape, floral tape, etc.


back to the task at hand!

it's time to make the spiderweb.

tie a piece of fishing line straight across the inside of your wreath as so:

close-up of a knot -- i just picked random sturdy-looking twigs to tie around:

repeat three times (for a total of four strings) at even points around the wreath -- you'll end up creating an asterisk pattern:

now, take a white pipe cleaner and coil one end around a twig on your wreath at one of the fishing line attachment points...and wrap the other end of the pipe cleaner around and around and around the fishing line toward the middle of the asterisk.

when i reached the middle, i coiled the pipe cleaner around a couple of times, then cut off the extra length.

after pipe-cleaner-ing all eight fishing line sections,
your wreath should look like this:
yah? you still with me?

now, we're going to create the web. coil another white pipe cleaner on one of the spokes near the center of the asterisk. leap to the next spoke, loop around, and pull taut.

need a picture?

repeat until you reach the end of the pipe cleaner. 

continue with another pipe cleaner at the last one's ending point. go around the web until you get back to the start -- then cut off the extra pipe cleaner.

repeat one to two more times, depending on how large your wreath is.

finished pipe cleaner spiderweb:

time to hot glue the spiders on!
i guess technically only one spider builds a web...
my spider has friends over.

now...you could be done.

...if your door isn't white...
 or you don't have a decorative glass panel.
argh. that picture confuses my brain.

sooo...if you're still with me...gather your halloween-y fabric!

i used my novice sewing skills to attach the fabric to the back of the wreath by pushing the needle between whatever twigs it could find space between.
i didn't say it was pretty from the back...

leave a space at the top of your wreath for the wreath hanger to slide in! 

once you've sewn all the way around, trim off the excess fabric.

it will look something like this:

but, flip it over and...

cute, right??
does it still need a little something though?

...maybe a bow??

time to hang it up...again...

so. much. better. with the fabric backing.

have YOU made any halloween-y wreaths?? 
please share!

* mari
nope, you're not crazy.
this post was partially modified september 2013.

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  1. Well I would say going overboard worked well for you! I love all the details and how festive it looks on your door.

  2. thank you, jennifer! i never really thought of myself as a wreath person...until now...


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