Oct 25, 2012

scary spider specimen display

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time : minutes
difficulty : ★   ☆ ☆
hazards : hot glue gun burns
would i do it again? : yes

i've got ghosts and mummies and pumpkins galore...but some spooky spiders were missing from my holiday decorating. if they're missing from yours too, don't fret! it's an easy fix.

   > an old picture frame
   > spraypaint
   > a piece of pretty paper
   > glue gun
   > spiders
         - i found my fancy glittery guys at michael's

first, find a suitable frame...i have a stash of frames i've scored at goodwill. i think it's time for one of these to make his grand debut...
the gold guy to the far left!

i spraypainted him black.

...then inserted my piece of pretty paper:
i realize the paper looks very bland in this shot.
it's actually a lovely shade of gold with a slight sheen.

there's no need to replace the glass in the frame.

once the picture frame is all set up, it's spider time!

prearrange your spiders in a visually appealing layout...
then get to work with your hot glue gun!

just a few minutes later and...

told ya they were fancy!

there you have it! in just minutes, we have created another spooky addition to our halloween decor.

now, what to do with the extra spiders......?

* mari
nope, you're not crazy.
this post was partially modified september 2013.

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