Oct 27, 2012

petrifying preschool party!

i volunteered to be a room parent this month at K's preschool...which means i get to help plan the halloween party!

i was told to keep it simple -- the kids are only two and three years old after all -- and i tried as hard as i possibly could to not overdo it. with so many great ideas on pinterest, it was really hard not to go overboard.

keep reading to see how i made these halloween-ified snacks...
and read about what else is planned!

first up: mummified juice boxes!

i saw these cuties on parents.com and couldn't resist making them for K's party!

here's what you need:

first, separate all the straws from the juice boxes.

use your hole punch to make a hole in a strip of electrical tape and align the hole with the straw opening on top of the box.

i taped the top of the box first, then wrapped around the sides in a haphazard, mummy-like pattern.

i kept all the tape ends on the side of the box that would not have eyes.

i used hot glue to adhere the googly eyes:

...then wrapped another few layers of white tape around the eye area -- to both make him look more mummy-ish...and to keep the tenacious hands of a toddler from ripping the eyes off the box.


what about the straws??

i used a tiny dab of hot glue to semi-secure them back onto the juice box -- i still wanted to be able to pull the straws off when the time came to drink the juice.

to finish, i tied a ribbon around the box, just for some extra pizzazz! 

and there you have it!
now for the snack...
this easy diy was taken from {pimp my dinner}.

check around your house for...

if your pumpkins, er...oranges! come with writing on the peel-off lid, simply take a bit of rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to erase the ink.
ah! now you have a nice, clean surface for face-making!

take a sharpie and get to work...

now, repeat fourteen times.
...or however many cuties are in your little one's class.

the teachers advised us not to plan too much because class is only two hours long and they will still be having outdoor time even though we're having a party.

we have pumpkin bowling planned, inspired by jeanetics. K LOVES bowling so i thought this would be a great party activity for him and his friends.

the class will also each be decorating their very own pumpkin -- and probably anything else within reach -- with foam shape stickers.

...aaand each kid will be going home with one of these *super-awesome treat bags* i threw together yesterday. i didn't want to blatantly sugarbomb other people's toddlers -- so i chose quasi-healthy-ish snacks: organic graham crackers, fruit snacks, and...marshmallows? hey, that's what "fell" in the cart so that's what went in the treat bag.

the treats went into a bag, which i tied shut with a bit of twine.

my party-planning partner is getting small gifts for the teachers. i believe it will be pumpkin-spice related...

did we forget anything??

* mari
nope, you're not crazy.
this post was reformatted september 2013.



  1. Okay you are like "Room Mother of the year!" I'm a sucker for the little details so I sooooo appreciate all the cute things you put together and I'm sure the kids and teachers will adore them too. Those juice boxes are sweet!

  2. thanks jennifer -- they LOVED the pumpkin bowling!!

  3. I'm obsessed with this entire post. Mostly, because we're hosting a toddler Halloween paint your own pumpkin party on Saturday and I have been in planning mode. I actually just bought the mandarin oranges cups yesterday to do the pumpkin faces. And I also planned to do a stacking game with toilet paper ghosts, pumpkins and mummies (the kiddos are probably too young for bowling).

    But I hadn't seen the mummies juice boxes before. Those are too cool!

    Thanks for sharing and for linking to the pumpkin parade.

    Thanks for linking up to the Pumpkin Parade!

    1. thanks kim! i'm so bummed i didn't volunteer for the halloween party this year. i'm pregnant and didn't think i'd be up to it -- but OF COURSE i'm up to it and i'm trying verrrrrry hard to resist sending suggestions to the ladies that signed up this year. :/


  4. LOVE these ideas! simple yet absolutely adorable! I may steal some of them for a Halloween party my kids are going to.

    1. hi gretchen, that's great to hear! these were all a hit with our preschool crowd. :)


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