Oct 17, 2012

painted pumpkins galore!

halloween is quickly approaching!

are you still searching for some pumpkin-spiration?

i shared my gilded pumpkin and painted zig-zag pumpkin DIYs individually with you...now, here's a quick roundup of the rest of the painted pumpkins on our front porch!

note: start with a clean pumpkin. i wiped each pumpkin down with a slightly damp cloth, then immediately dried it. i used acrylic paint for all but the spraypainted and lil' archer's pumpkins -- he used tempera paint. all were sealed with a spraypaint clear topcoat for weather protection.


october is breast cancer awareness month and i definitely wanted to honor that with a couple of pink pumpkins. but, my solidly-painted pink pumpkin was lacking a little...pizzaz -- so i added polka dots!
i painted the first pumpkin hot pink, then added lime green (to tie into the rest of the pumpkins on the porch) and light pink dots freehand.

i left the second pumpkin bare, but painted hot pink and lime green dots on it.


i painted this pumpkin white, then added the spiderweb design with a plain ol' sharpie marker. i went over the marker lines several times to get the deep, dark black.

starting with a bare pumpkin, i painted freehand dots. i let each layer dry, then kept painting more overlapping circles, in varying colors.

fish had to forcibly stop me from continuing.


i sprayed a bare, clean pumpkin with two coats of spraypaint.

satin finish gave a rock-like appearance to the pumpkins, while the high gloss of lacquer finish spraypaint made the pumpkins look as if they were made of jell-o.

this one is a tiger pumpkin and i was inspired by its natural variegation to paint a tribal pattern. however...i ended up covering all of its tiger-ness with my paint. oops!

i do still love how it turned out though. i wasn't concerned with being perfect -- obviously. i first painted the red-orange diamonds. next, i added the lime green border. i then outlined the borders in black...and painted the stem black as well. it was missing a little something, so i added the black dots in the middle of the diamonds. love him!

i freehand painted the bottommost dark green layer first - i was trying to achieve a "dipped" look. i purposely made it crooked to add some interest. i followed with lime green and took it all the way to the top of the pumpkin and up the stem a bit. then i painted strips of dark green then lime green on the stem.

first, i painted the pumpkin white and gold-leafed the stem. i used q-tips dipped in dark green, lime green, and several combinations of the two paints to get uniformly sized petite polka dots.


i first taped off a random pattern on the bare pumpkin then painted in the shapes created by the tape borders with white, black, and lime green paint. when i peeled the tape off, it took some of the paint with it and i had to touch up the edges with a detail brush. i.e. unless you love the look, not worth the effort...

and there you have it!

i hope these gave you some ideas for painting your own pumpkins!

* mari
nope, you're not crazy!
this post was reformatted september 2013. 

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  1. Holy pumpkin! I kept thinking "Ooh the breast cancer awareness ones are my favorite!" ,"Ooh, no! The dip painted one is my favorite!" Love 'em all!

  2. thank you! i went a bit overboard, but painting pumpkins is so relaxing!

  3. these are all so fun! i love the tribal and the multicolored dots!

  4. Yowza - you were a pumpkin painting machine! I think my favorite is the multicolored dots! But they are all great!

    Thanks for linking to the Pumpkin Parade!

    1. yes, painting pumpkins is oddly very therapeutic. just zone out and before you know it, a whole porchful of crazy! thanks kim! :)


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