Oct 7, 2012

ghost posts

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time : minutes...hours...days (including paint dry time)
difficulty : ★ ★  ☆ ☆
hazards : eyerolls from neighbors at your blatant display of craftiness
would i do it again? : ...maybe i'll try frankensteins next year!

we have a bare spot on our porch, just to the side of our front door.
see? so sad.

i knew some ghost posts -- inspired by garden junk -- would be PERFECT to fill the spot...at least until halloween!...then maybe i'll put pilgrim hats on them or something.

besides making cute halloween decor, this project also served to use up some of our scrap wood pile -- which grew substantially after fish cut the wood for K's bed.

i decided to use two big boards and one shorter board to represent me, fish, and K. go ahead and roll your eyes.

[SUPPLIES]...for a three-ghost post
   > four sanded boards
         - i used 2x6" scraps
   > black spraypaint
   > white spraypaint
         - i didn't realize i was out of white spraypaint and actually used latex paint...
              ...it worked out well too.
   > screws, drill, screwdriver
         - or a kreg jig! more on that later...
   > pencil
   > black acrylic paint, detail paintbrush
   > clear waterproof topcoat

01. paint one board black and the other three white

02. i was planning on just drilling a few screws from the bottom up into each ghost...but fish got all fancy with his kreg jig and drilled the ghosts in from the back. if you don't know anyone itching to play with their kreg jig, screwing them in from the bottom should suffice.
yep, i'm lazy and didn't paint the back of the ghosts.

03. sketch out the ghosts' faces!

04. paint in the face detail with black acrylic paint

05. seal it all with a waterproof topcoat

...aaand there you have it!

* mari


  1. This is cute! But, I'm pretty sure I couldn't draw the faces very well lol :)


  2. thanks, K! i bet you could -- just make two blobs for the eyes and if you wanted a scary ghost, a third blob for the mouth. drawing the smile for a happy ghost is hardly more effort than the blob. you can do it!!!!


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