Oct 1, 2012

september in review

it seems like i was shopping for school supplies just yesterday...and now it's october! before we delve into preparations for a very spooooky halloween, let's recap what happened here at {crab+fish} in september!

DIY projects included: scrap-buster playtime beanbags, a thrifty lightbox, many sidewalk chalk villages, and a pint-sized construction site!

notice three of my four DIYs were actually do-it-for-your-son projects!

around the house...i finished the washi tape monster truck on K's bedroom wall, i got ready for fall with some easy-peasy gold pinecones...and i finally hung my spirographs!

fish has been hard at work building K's bed!!
watch the progress here, here, here, and here!

outside: fish removed the gigantic useless antenna that was on our roof...and, after deliberating all summer, we finally signed a contract for new windows! HOORAY!
installation is only a couple of weeks away!

what's coming up for {crab+fish} in october??

WELL...preparations are in full swing for a very spooooky halloween! this is the first year K may actually be interested in trick-or-treating...and as a result, this is the first year i'm at all interested in preparing for the pseudo-holiday.

i, of course, want to make his costume...i'm thinking he'd LOVE dressing up as a monster truck. but, we'll see how it goes -- i may end up buying a costume in the end.

i also volunteered to be the october room parent for K's preschool -- meaning i'll be planning the ((nut-free!)) halloween party!

does anyone have any tips or suggestions in planning a
not-too-scary party for two- and three-year-olds?

...and of course, fish will continue working hard on K's big-boy bed!!

thanks for sticking with us this far.
stay tuned for a month of spookyDIYs!

* mari


  1. Looks like a successful month. I always love a good spray painted pine cone AND I definately need to check out that light box tutorial. I shared a little ghost detective game as a freebie last year but I'm not sure even if you did away with the flashlights & kept the lights on if it would still be a little too old for that age group but you can check it out for yourself here http://delightfullynoted.blogspot.com/2011/10/free-printable-kids-ghost-detective.html(I'm not really in tune with the capabilities of young kids all the time so sometimes I over or underestimate their abilities...haha like thinking a 12 month old can jog w. me)

  2. thank you for the link, i think it can definitely be adapted for preschoolers! :) :)


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