Oct 16, 2012

new use for an old doorstop

a-HA! i knew i'd find a purpose for this old doorstop on our coat closet door.
the door opens into our kitchen.
the doorstop has no wall to stop into.

its main purpose in life became catching on my drapier shirts as i walked by and yanking me back. 

hardy-har-har, doorstop.

but NOW...

K hangs his backpack on it when he comes home from preschool!

yep, it's kind of perfect.
i love discovering a new purpose for a previously useless item!

do YOU have anything unconventional in your organization arsenal??
please share!

* mari


  1. Very clever! Are those door knobs the original knobs to the house? They are gorgeous.

  2. yes, originals, all over our house! they're one of my favorite little details. |


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