Oct 13, 2012

K's bed:
it's done, it's done, it's DONE!

psst! we were a featured post on ana white's facebook page!

we LOVE it!!
the bed was based on ana white's plans for a camp loft bed with stair, but slightly modified to make it a bit shorter since we only have 8' ceilings and there's a ceiling fan in the room.

see tons and tons and TONS of pics after the jump break!

first glimpse as you enter the room:
curious about the pom-pom garlands?

 from the head of the bed:
this is a twin-sized 10" deep foam mattress. the rails would definitely need to be higher to accommodate a coil mattress and boxspring.

area to the left of the bed:
my special project: the washi tape monster truck collage

even though i initially wanted an enclosed fort-bed, we eventually opted against it for lighting and ventilation reasons. why would we close K off from all the glorious sunlight that pours into his room?
he has one of the few southern-exposure windows in our house, lucky guy!

a few shots of the steps:
the steps are easy enough for a toddler to handle, yet won't be baby-ish when K is ten. but, if it turns out they are baby-ish, we can easily remove the steps (i saw fish take them off to get the frame up the stairs -- i know it can be done!) and add a couple of rungs to the remaining frame.

from the foot of the bed:
you can see how i did the geometric door design here.
it has held up extremely well!

K's view of the room while in bed:
the chalkboard wall is not nearly so immaculate anymore!
but, it IS well-used and much-loved so there ya go.

surprisingly, K doesn't climb out of bed to play with all his toys at night. i'm not sure if it's because the bed is higher up...or if we just lucked out.
essential boy toys!

under-bed awesomeness:


psst! you can see the progress of the bed here:
12345678, and 9!

* mari


  1. Love this i am so building it for my 3 yr old with way to many toys and books...hehe.. question tho.. did you guys shorten the height of it?? it looks lower then the ana white one??

    1. Good sharing. About mattress you may consider Napure mattress, it come with seven-zone support and specially designed to minimise pressure points and reduce tossing and turning. This, in turn improves quality of sleep, read more at:

  2. hi sam! your child will LOVE this bed! we did modify the plans a little because we have 8' ceilings and there is a ceiling fan in the room. we definitely didn't want lil' a to be too close to that! so fish brought the height of the bed down about 12" and in doing so, eliminated the 2x4 crossbar in step 1 of ana white's plans since it wasn't really needed anymore. i hope that helps -- if you need more clarification, please let me know. good luck! :) :)

  3. LOVE this bed. It looks so well made. Love the half way platform and the ladder. Perfect!!

  4. Love the room great job and went awww when I saw the Fisher Price cash register. My mom still has ours and actually has a coin for it :-)

    1. thanks liz! i can hardly believe it, but we still have all six coins that came with the cash register! of course, now i've jinxed us.......... ;)

  5. This looks really nice. I've been wanting to do something similar for my son for awhile now.

    Great work.

    1. thank you david and good luck with your son's bed!

  6. We are planning to make this for our daughter in the next few weeks. Question: How wide did you make your landing? I want to make ours about 11 inches but I am worried this will be too thin. Thanks!

    1. hi brandi! the landing is 16" wide and has worked well for us. 11" may be too narrow if you plan on getting up there with your daughter. we like to read books with K in bed so fish and i are always climbing up there with him. i'd love to know how yours turns out! :)

  7. I can no longer access the link to the plan, any other suggestions to access it?

    1. Hmm, it's still working for me -- here's the html link: http://ana-white.com/2012/07/plans/camp-loft-bed-stair-junior-height. If that doesn't work, I would try googling 'Ana White Camp Loft Bed.' :)

  8. Hi! I was wondering what modifications your husband made on the plans. It looks shorter than the original plans by Ana, did he just bring the whole loft bed down a few inches? I would love the info on how he made it shorter, we would LOVE to do the same!


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