Oct 10, 2012

K saves a dump truck

K and i ran to his preschool to drop off some paperwork...and we happened upon a small pile of items they were throwing out.
now...something there has caught his eye...

a giant tonka dump truck!
of course, we brought it home.

my son is a bonafide garbage-picker at the ripe old age of almost-three!

there's absolutely nothing wrong with it except that it's a bit faded from the sun. the wheels work great, the dumper works great...K will have a blast with this at the neighborhood park's giant sandbox.

when we got home, K dragged the truck to the backyard...

...and we gave it a bath.

then, while K was napping,
i grabbed some spraypaint i already had on hand...

...taped off the wheels...

...and ent to town!


a completely free new-to-us toy!
( the best kind! )

* mari

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