Oct 19, 2012

how to stain your doors darker

SO. once i found out how easy it is to stain a door darker, my focus immediately turned to our entry area.

...and the two dirty, ugly, orange wood doors that were crying out for help.
doors to the powder room and coat closet.

i already took care of the other side of both doors ((see here and here)).

i think this side of them will look SO. MUCH. BETTER. once stained darker:

so, let's begin!

start with a clean door.

this time, i didn't bother with a brush at all -- i did four light coats of minwax gel stain in {walnut}, all of which were applied with a rag. i let each coat dry for at least 24 hours.

i then applied a coat of polycrylic to seal it all in.

here's the coat-by-coat:

the before shot again:

...and AFTER!
what in the world is in the giant box in our front room?? it was K's jack-in-the-box foam mattress! we waited to open it until fish finished building the bed.

i love the darker doors! 

also...isn't it interesting to see the small changes that take place in a room over time? i started hanging artwork, i moved the vintage tennis racquet to a new location, i gathered my most-used handbags in a white crate, and...my orchids have deflowered -- probably due to the strong odor of the stain, right??

it couldn't possibly have been my doing.
sad face.

* mari
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  1. We have some what similar doors all over our house & the hubz won't let me touch them BUT that's because I was talking about painting them. MAYBE, just maybe, he'll be down for the staining! Yours look great.

  2. thanks jennifer! it's easy, just time-consuming. i can't wait to see how your doors turn out!

  3. This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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