Oct 23, 2012

how to patch a plaster hole

when we replaced our inefficient old doorbell with a fancy-shmancy wireless unit, we were left with a gaping hole in the wall.

unfortunately, it sat this way for months.

the gaping hole must have been bothering fish too because it was one of the first things he attacked during his weeklong vacation.

first, sanding!

to cover the hole, we bought a mesh repair panel.

the adhesive backing makes the job much simpler.

next step: plastering!

add water and stir.

(( add more plaster to thicken if necessary ))

spread it on, let it dry...

...then sand it down.


it was time for fish to step aside...
so i could paint!

i grabbed my handy-dandy touch-up jar:

(( wet paint ))

a short time later...

...like the hole was never even there...

* mari


  1. Doorbells have wires? You can have a wireless doorbell? Huh.


  2. i wasn't expecting that either! i set up the new wireless doorbell and went to unscrew the old push-button from our front door...and it was connected to a wire. thus, had to wait for fish to do it as i won't mess with any electricity-related, especially in this old house.

    i mean, i guess the fact that i bought a WIRELESS unit should have clued me into the fact that older doorbells were WIRED. haha...

  3. You did a great job. I was reading everything and I decided to do this myself in my home. Thanks


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